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Katie Beaton  ❀✌ Old and Skeezy πŸ’–πŸ‘Š

Someone please come hug my cat

History repeats itself. Massey Hall is a skeleton 😭

Reminder: There are surprise llama walks at High Park. This could be you!!

The ghosts of Massey Hall

Adorable spot, adorable treats, adorable shop cat, adorable @sweethartkitchen πŸ’•

I’m taking a break from all the Massey photos to bring you this!!!

One last vamp around the Hall

What a rad rad rad night!! I have so many photos to post. For now, this sums it up.

I’m a shell of a human but I’m UP! And out! β˜€οΈ

Last exit out of stage door... 😭

These are my people and I am changed forever. πŸ’”

I’ll miss that post-shift hang... and I’ll miss this view 😭

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