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K6A CREW montreal.  Saer Serak Osti Monk-E Axe Fleo Dodo Zek Otak Fluke Filigran MaybeWats Kenlo 7d Smilé Jam Pdox MainBleue Phile Ensu Vect Kemo et +

Raton patron des @wordupbattles fête son anniversaire aujourdhui.
Allez pollué le inbox de @filigrann avec des lettre d amour durant cette journee speciale.
#filigrann #k6acrew

Handstyling like bosses.
#k6acrew #handstyle

Pour ceux qui reconnaissent ce frerot, allez lui souhaiter joyeux anniversaire. 34 revolutions completées.
#k6acrew #ratonlaveur

Humanity is going through his highest level of migration in history. Famine, war, climate changes, neocolonisation and unfair sharing of the wealth are creating a crisis all over the world. Some are not priviledged enough to remain in the land that saw them come to life. The journey to find a new home is a heavy one. This piece salutes the courage these men, women and children need to go through these challenging times. Just like diamonds, the pressure put on the shoulders of these beings is creating a unique beauty that confort will never be able to provide to the most priviledged.
We wish a safe transition for those in need of a new soil for their roots and openess to those welcoming them.
@monke_k6a With @ankh_one for @abovetheradarvt .

@axelalime durant son roadtrip en Rep Dominicaine
#axelalime #k6acrew

@fluke.art celebrating his polish heritage
#k6acrew #ashopcrew #fluke

@alaclairensemble a tout le monde en parle demain
Votre ecran n aura jamais ete aussi mince.
#alaclairensemble #k6acrew #toutlemondeenparle

Contemporary art at its best.
Modern calligraphy by @serak_k6a_kg and @aweille_esti 📸@shaolin.h1y
#k6acrew #tag #handstyle #bombing #streetlevel

K6a was proud to be present for this historical moment.
You are still with us master @mrcan_do
#montrealgraffiti #graffitilegends #k6acrew

Go follow @sevdee for more musical knowledge.
He just publish a music mix from 88 and yesterday he published a second one based around 98. And i dont think it is stopping there.
#sevdee #k6acrew #98 #classics

2 of the founding members rocking wildstyles for the k6a wall in StHenry.
#serak #monkeone #k6acrew

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