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πŸ”™πŸ”›πŸ”œ  ✘ Ι΄ ᴏ Ι’ ᴜ α΄› s Ι΄ ᴏ Ι’ ʟ ᴏ Κ€ ʏ ✘

Long live abandoned adventures .. new feed coming soon

Theres a story behind every place we go... story behind this one is kids are jerks and ruin stuff

Accept o Lord Our Sacrifice. As You Did Accept The Sacrifices Of Abel. Abraham And Mel Chisedech

"Be still and know that i am god"

Mid-Term Procrastination in progress..

Doctor is ready to see you now

Who said you can't live forever lied

Be in it for the enjoyment


Turd in the punch bowl... closed til further notice

Scariest thing having to climb the ropes in gym class

New find who dis #unexplored

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