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KC  More kindness, more honesty, more understanding, more peace, more happiness, more laughter, more LOVE πŸ’–. Elite Team Yogi @glidesup πŸ‘»: k2theci


"You were born to dance to the beat of your own heart; roam without cages with the innocence of a child and the free spirit of untamed horses; I hope you laugh without stopping, live with abandon, and love like that's all there is; stay wild, my wild, wild child." - Kenny Chesney

It's been almost a month since my father died... I came back from North Carolina to leaves changing from green to bright yellows, oranges, and reds... The leaves will soon fall, and as many of the fall quotes say, "fall is a reminder of how beautiful it is to let things go".... While saying "goodbye" to Dad was anything but easy, I have found the whole process somewhat beautiful... Reminiscing about memories, honoring his life, and thinking of him finally at peace and no longer suffering has brought a sense of calm and acceptance to my heart. As with anything, I know there will be good days and not so good, but I am grateful for everything that has brought me to this point, the good and the bad... And I will always keep his spirit (the good parts) alive within me. πŸ’–

In a little less than three months, my father would have turned 90. He's always been more than a little impatient, so I guess he needed to go a little early. 😜
We were always the odd pair of the old man (whom many assumed was my grandfather) and the little girl - it certainly made for a special/crazy relationship. For much of my childhood I worshiped the ground he walked on; he was literally everything to me... To a fault. He raised me by himself (a disabled veteran with polio) for pretty much my entire childhood. He was my pilot, chauffeur, and payor for all of the numerous extracurricular activities (that I attended daily) and passions I was lucky to have had the opportunity to pursue. He braided my hair, did my makeup, and sewed my point shoes and tutus until I learned to do so myself. He played the role of a mother and a father the best he knew how... And what more can you ask.
To say I've learned a lot of from him is an understatement. I feel like my whole life has been shaped in some way or another by him, even if many lessons I learned from him were learning how I thought people should be treated, not necessarily how he treated them. (I often went around behind him apologizing for what hed said or done.) But had I been raised by anyone else, I think my life right now and outlook on life would look a lot different. So there is no anger or resentment, only gratitude and appreciation.
He is the smartest, most determined, and stubborn man I have ever met, and ever will... I don't think he quite ever understood who I became, as our core values are about as different as they come... But I hope he knew deep down how loved and appreciated he was and always will be to me.

Thanks for giving me wings Daddy... Hope you're flying, happy and free! πŸ’–

Sending love up today... Because in the end,
That's all that matters... Love, sweet #love. πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ’–

Sometimes life can be a little grey and bring us to our knees.... But keep paddling we must, and those whom we need will always be close by supporting us, but letting us find our own way. πŸ’– #paddleboard #paddleboarding #supjournal #standuppaddleboarding #glidesup #paddletheplanet @glidesup

Happiness is my homebrewed strawberry kombucha (fermented tea)!!! Finally after buying and drinking 4-5 dollar bottles of kombucha for over 10 years, I started making my own last month. It's been easy, fun, and tasty thanks to @thekombuchashop!!! #thekombuchashop #kombucha #homebrewed #kombuchabrewing #happiness

"I hope you find the kind of happiness that exists on your own terms. I hope you truly take the time to figure out what moves you, what encourages your soul, what you deeply crave from life, and I hope you have the courage to chase that. I hope you have the courage to believe that you are deserving of everything you desire, that you are capable and worthy of curating the kind of life for yourself that sparks something within you. You have a fire inside of you- I hope you never let convenience, comfort, or the easiness of standing still put it out. I hope you can show the world what you can do with all that passion inside of you." - Bianca Sparacino (@rainbowsalt)

Trying to up the number of chin ups I can do in a row without taking a break.... Probably could have gotten one or two more in...but I wimped out. Maybe next time! Lol be strong, not just "strong for a girl"...just strong. πŸ’ͺ#strength #chinups #pullups

Paddle where the Wi-Fi is weak... #paddleboarding #maine @glidesup #paddletheplanet

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