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Katie Hall  •Barista ☕️ Cherish the season you're in, and the people you're with.

A few months ago I posted this picture in my story with the caption, "I hope to continue exploring places that I've never seen before, experience cultures I'm not aware of, and shake hands with people I haven't met yet." •

This has been a reoccurring thought on my heart recently. And it's something I pray continues to happen throughout the years. To hear people's stories, to know who they are, and to help cultivate life... #myhope

This place was home for me the year of 2017. I've met some of the most incredible people, created lifelong memories, and learned more than I thought I ever would. •

Thank you to the entire Onyx family for teaching with excellence, care and intentionality. What you have taught I'll be able to take with me anywhere. I can't express enough just how valuable this place is to me... I'm going to miss all of you crazies. •

#bonyx #onyxly #newchapterbegins #bittersweet #fewmemories

I know the one who is in control. I know the one who has gone before me, and who has given himself for me. As undeserving as I am, he is there! It is because of God that my heart is full. ❤️ 📷: @kayteemitchell

Coming together, sharing time, thoughts and hearts. This time is not taken lightly or for granted. #thankful

A new year has the opportunity to bring a lot of new possibilities, with new people. For me, most of the time, it simply brings new memories with my favorite people. And this year has already begun with some of the best #2018 #movingforward

If we could laugh, dream, create and hope together forever... yeah, I'd be okay with that. #ksquared 💙

Monday mornings aren't nearly as bad as we make them out to be sometimes.

Time with Krissy means constant laughter, encouragement, honesty, and adventure. Love you always sweet friend 🖤 #crystalbridgeshascoolexhibits #coolbeans

YOU GUYS. Our new winter menu dropped this week! So stop by Onyx if you want to try some delicious drinks that fit perfectly with this season. 😋❄️🤓 #onyxcoffeelab #bonyx #applecider #yum

Love that there is always something new to see, or to experience every time I come here. #crystalbridges #northwestarkansas #bentonville #art

People. Today is THE day!
Go and check out my friends' new single, Here This Way, that he released today.
I'm beyond proud of you Chris, and everyone who helped make it a reality! You're all pretty bomb. 👏🏼🤘🏼🖤 @officialjoed #herethisway #newsingle #checkitout

A good cup of coffee is always a great way to start off the week. #goodmorning #bentonville #nwa

Back when this picture was taken I had an entirely different outlook on what my life would look like by now.
Life doesn't always turn out the way we expect, or maybe even hope for. But sometimes it does turn out for the better.
We get the opportunity to grow in the unexpected, learn from the disappointments, and build among the new.
So keep on smiling. Your life is still the greatest adventure.
#adventure #expecttheunexpected #throwback

It's a special thing when you get the opportunity to be with dear friends again. #springield #fallnights

You guys, I think I forgot what sleep was due to this past weekend. Wouldn't have changed a thing though.
#birminghamalabama #amazingpeople #lattethrowdown #firstcupping #surprisebirthdayparty #shoot 📷by: @sometimes_holly 💛

It's good to be home. #onyxly #nwark

"Ancestors protect you" #seeyousoon #namethatmovie

Scraped up knees, dirty shoes, and open skies. Feelin like a kid again

Had the chance to get out and go hiking today. It was only a brief moment where I was able to catch my breath. And I couldn't be more thankful for it.
#nwa #hiking #yellowrock

Honey on your tongue
Flowers in your hand
Green under your toes
Blue above your head //
Summer is at an end
But the air stays sweet
The wind is carefree
And you are with me
#sister #demeyelashestho

I believe that strength can often be misunderstood. // Strength is going after the impossible
Strength is being open again
Strength is not quitting
Strength is getting back up
Strength is stepping out
Strength is trying
Strength is loving others
Strength is being kind to the unkind
Strength is forgiving
Strength is so much more than what you and I have defined it as.
And darling, strength is within you.

just like that a new season begins again

Allow others to experience who you are. For you are more of a treasure than you know. #florals #newthings

Telephone lines, and dreamy skies. Goodnight, Arkansas

Yesterday I was able to add this gem to the small vinyl collection in my room. #continuum #johnmayer #favorite #vinyl

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