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KB🌻  ...We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses🥀 ❤️✨- If You want it you gotta see it with a clear eye view!

All thanks to God first! Even when i was losing hope he made a way as always.. Second goes to my amazing parents.. my mother who is my complete rock and back bone and my father who never tells me no and even if it’s no it’s always yes.. blessed beyond words to have come from such supportive parents.. and last but not least my sweets.. who pulled me off the ledge a million times throughout this stressful process.. i know i acted like a cry ass baby the whole way.. who knew buying a house was this skressful bruh.. but i did it.. and i couldn’t be more thankful ❤️

i know saints, i know sinners, i know bosses.. i know pain, i know wins, i know loses.. my loyalty is sensitive so DON’T cross me!!!🙏🏿

happy birthday TETE babyyyyy❤️

and i got ha nigga, grocery bagged! ❤️

happy daddy day to my old man... life lit mane.. eagles won the super bowl.. my mans bought a jag.. we hoping out all summer wearing gucci flip flops and SOCKS! 😂.. lol but naw i love you daddy and am very proud of you.. i pray god gives me many many more father’s day with you! #DaddiesOnlyGirl! ❤️

made it ! ❤️

sweetest taboo ❤️

don’t just be pretty.. secure the bag, be knowledgeable, hard working, independent, self aware, goal driven and God fearing.. be pretty just not JUST PRETTY! #NoIssuesHereCauseImADrugDealer

bitches can’t hold water.. but MY niggas carry gallons! ❤️

k diggity dot! 😅

you can snooze if you wanna, but not on me baby! ❤️

i’m good luv, ENJOY! ❤️

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