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happy mother's day to the lady who gave birth to 2 annoying daughters. you're someone i looked up to and lol i lazy to type nice caption. everything i want to say about how wonderful my mum is, is on my blog (link on bio) hahaha love u mummy, can't wait to attend your next wedding

he makes me want to be a better person and how big of a cliche is that. happy 20+ monthsary 🖤 (tb to fatter legs, paler skin and black hair haha) update: 2 more years

my family is richer than my bf haha #cla200

woohoo bless the lord today no school. 1 May, Singapore Airline's 70th birthday 💕✈️ on a side note, 2 more months till SIA application!!

put me out of my missouri

typical toilet selfie is back, finally half way through the week but this means its getting closer to 6 may :-(

asked for 1 day mc but was given 2 days and both days are my hair check days :') fml wasted my mc for tmr bc i'm still coming to school ☹️

when you take mc too often to the point the clinic receptionist greet you by your name the moment you enter the clinic and the doctors gave you mc without you asking.

i got caught & was asked to either wear a cap, braid it, bun it, or dye it dark. it doesn't even look this bright irl ☹️ basically the life of rp soh

painting is only fun for the first 5 minutes. it's extremely tiring and shag afterwards but we pulled through it. no more gay colour wall, no more dirty marks and it feels cozier now

it's painful to paint over my art bc i spent lots of time drawing and painting it but its okay i'm satisfied w this photo

painting or playing 🤔

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