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Jonas Arnesen  You can't stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf! 🏄🏼

It is all about consistency! If you work hard (and smart) 4-6 times every week and if you eat enough - i promise you, you will grow! Your daily workout does not have to be longer than 40min even. If you work hard, smart and do it consistently - you will see results!
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Workout in outdoor oldschool street gym 🙌🏼
Since I’m on Koh Samui, I’m not able to follow my upcoming meal plan but i am able to keep up with my training (more or less).
So here you go - Day 1 of my 5 split workoutplan.
Chest and calves:
- Incline bench press 5 X 6
- Machine flyes 5 X 6-8
- Machine press 5 X 12-15 (dropset)
- Incline flyes 5 X 10-12 (superset: pushups till failure)
- Sitting calf raises 5 X 15-20 - Standing weighted calf raises 5 X 10 (superset standing calf raises with own bodyweight till failure)
The exercise performed in the video is machine flyes 💪🏼🌴
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Bye bye sixpack. My next goal is to hit 100kg/220lbs the natural way and I’m going to share my journey with you. Not only will i share it - you can join me! In the time to come i will post my full workout and meal plan. I’ll do this all for free for you to follow or use as inspiration. 💪🏼
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Last couple of reps in the jungle gym. Lookin all puffy do to my preworkout noodles 🌴 #roadto100

Going to make my insta more informative and helpful for the folks out there looking to grow. So here you go:
Killer chest workout 💪🏼
- 5 X 6-8, Machine flys
- 5 X 10, Incline dumbell press - 5 X 8-12, Machine press
- 5 X failure, Overhead chest press
- 4 X 15, Cable flys - superset pushups till failure
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Don’t worry, I’m not dead #ineverleft #distortion18

My name is Jonas, i use all my kroners on coronas #truestory

Going home tomorrow! Been grinding every day down here - but the food has been wayy off! #striveforprogress

Travel the world with me. #livenlift

Embrace who u are. #livenlift

Always great lighting in hotel bathrooms! #douchebaglook

A lion does not lose sleep over the opinion of a sheep!

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