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Jylanbaes  J & D follow updates • turn on post notifs 💗 Check out glorieetsang & Dylan’s book @jackson_krecioch @dylangeick follow @ogchicagobaes ;)

mmmm oh yea same

love this for themmm 😍😩

Lmao now Dylan is just flexing 😂 this guyyy
If u see this go follow @ogchicagobaes ;)

Trevor and Jackson... the new o2l
jk nothing can beat the og o2l😫

Imagine them both rocking those


“How did u get into Columbia” this is the most Dylan response ever 😂

“Super emotional... it came with a nice little note” awwww dads 😂😩

Dillon Geek 😍😩


Love this for themmmm

best dancer I know😪