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Heyy just logged back in to say this 😂
So if u didn’t see my story.. I’m taking a small break from my account! I’ll be logged out of my account so I won’t see any DMs but once I’m back I’ll check them.
Ps y’all will be just fine without me 😂 go check out the Jylan hashtag everyone posts updates ✌🏽
Love u guys♥️ just wanted to say this in case u didn’t see my story

The best smiles♥️
BITCHHH BEST MOVIE EVER!!!! 10/10 I rate it so many popcorns and sodas 😂🍿🥤
It was so cuteee I cried sm😩
*small spoiler ahead but not really*
At the end when he found who the other gay guy was and they kissed omgg the whole theater clapped 😂
Nick Robinson (simon) has the cutest smile in the world😩 WHAT A MAN. SO BEAUTIFUL

Not gonna be that active today because well I don’t have a reason 😂
Have a great day✌🏽

And it’s over 😩

Dex is me

Idk what’s more beautiful Jackson or that vieww🤤

Day ones ✊️
I think I like Cali better 😍
*dylan liked*

|Dylan commented| I only posted this cuz he was shirtless and looked hot oops

But the app is called CATS and his username is his name

King of dancing 😂 ( the one on the very right is from last night)

Whole squad ran through that shit yikes
Ay, I’m a business man, I did my business, damn
But I'ma bend it down and I'ma lick her up, then dick her down
She gon' turn around then I'm gon' kick her out
She gon' talk that shit but say
How you make it up? How you fake a love?
Holy son, I was the chosen one
I'm sippin' out the glass, she gon' kiss and tell
She keep my wishes well, I don't need her, well
How my enemy a friend of me?
Why y'all feed off my energy? Like I ain't dead yet
Higher entity, foreign bitch that think she into me
Whip the foreign very viciously
Why these dudes wanna take pics with me?
Love that song 😂

King won😩✊️

“I will fuck u up a second time” HAHAHAHA I LOVE COMPETITIVE DYLAN

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