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Baeeee:》4~22~13  Keep Cälm, Stay Ströng and Lövë Hard ♥ ~Wint :) This account is just for expressing how much we love each other :)) @jeddtleman @jeddtlewoman

Happy 15th Monthsarry Baby 💑 You already know what it is ! 😄 Love you mahal and that the only thing I pretty sure about 😆 Thanks for the passed 456 days and fun , crazy , weird , childish, great memories and all the awesome Date 💝Never fail making me fall for you again and again . Thank you baby 😙 you the besttt I can ever have and ever will. #jwxxii Happy 15 Mot Mot To Us. #congrats #jwxxii #MINE #forEVER @jeddtleman I love you JED 😘😘😍
Sooooo muchhhh and the most 💕💕👫😄

My 8-megapixeled sweetheart @jeddtlewoman 😍😍😍 I Love You :)

I love you tho ;) @jeddtleman

Happy 333 days togetherness baby :) one days before our 11 months . Thank you soo much for all your kindness, caring mind , love and efforts. Thanks nigga :* Can't wait for 365 ;) I 😍💟💓💖 you sooooo muchhh baby :* #jwxxii #tilltheend mwahhhhh

Happy 328 days is togetherness @jeddtlewoman :)
I missssssssssss youuuuuuu soooooooooo much my partner :/ where r u. #lol #staystrong #baby no one can replace you. Coz you're my one and only... And the only one for me :) 💪💑💜💚💛💙💘 Aylabyuu ♡


I meant it baby. I should have know better you.
I want things to be as best as possible. I try not to hurt you . I try to know you more.
If I didn't do it enough or did it wrong . I so sorry for what I did baby . I will always love you form the deepest part of my heart.
You the only one and always will .
I love you Jed .

♥♥♥ Happy 7 Monthsarry Baby Koo ♥♥♥ yeyyyy we made it again.
Thank you soo muchh for everything mahal . You mean so much to me .
My man till my world end :D
Mahal kita ♡ #214days #7 #motmot #thankyou #andsorry #Ialmostleaving #butthatgreatpartis #icomingbackforyou #loveyouSOOOMUCH #myniggaforlife #I #love #you .
@jeddtleman ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ JED + WINT = LOVE ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

~~~~♥Happy Six Monthsarry Baby Koo♥~~~~
* 04/22/13 -10/22/13*
Thank you soo muchh for everythings . I love my tall nigga sooo muchhh .
#Halfofayear #timefliesfast #butonlyweknowhowthosetimeshelpedustogethere #22 #earthday #thankyoumahal #iloveyousomuchhbaee #onlyyou #myeverythings #mylife #myheart #jwXXII @jeddtleman

♥Happyyy 5th Mot Mot♥ Thank you baby koo :)) I loveee youuu soo muchhhh . #loveit #redroses #keepromance #5 #perfect #tilltheend #jwXXII. @jeddtleman ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

~~~hApPy 5tH mOnThS bAbÿ ~~~♥ 153daysss ♥ So glad be your life partner baby ♥ no need to be perfect baby I love the way we are now ♥ we complete each other, we support each other and love each other ♥ nothing can change dis relationship baby koo ♥ For every moments, for every things that you had done for mee THANK YOU BABY KOO ♥ I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCHHHH ♥ I ALWAYS WILL MAHAL ♥ sorry for being annoying only do that to you lol ♥ 5th :DD &still counting♥ #jwXXII till the end baby koo . @jeddtleman . @jeddtleman . @jeddtleman . @jeddtleman . @jeddtleman . @jeddtleman . @jeddtleman . @jeddtleman . @jeddtleman . @jeddtleman . @jeddtleman .

♥♡Happy 4th Monthsarry Baby ko♡♥ I will never forget about the times that we spend together and those smiles . I love you sooooo muchhhh baby kooo . Mahal kita . #122dayss #stillmoreyearstocome #thankyou #youtheonlyonethatcanmakemefeelcomplet #oneandonly #aguywhoactlikeaman #mysoulmate #loveyoujed #mytallniggaforlife #jwXXII #iwillalwaysbehereforyou #tilltheend ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ :D

~~~HaPpY 3rD MoNtHsArRy BaByKoO~~~ I love you sooo muchh and thank you for being there . I proud to be your girlfriend and that most amazing thing ever :) you the one I looking for , you the one who always make me think of you , and you always in my mind . I love you soooo muchh baby koo . #tilltheend #happy22 #jwXXII #iloveyou #imissyou #ineedyou #staystrong #cozlongwayytogo #mytallniggaforlife #hahah @jeddtragic

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