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That time I spent 24 unBELIZEable hours in Central America. #straightouttaBelize #4planeridesLater

And I'm off to Belize. Love you Nyc. You're always so good to me. #BelizeinYOURSELF #earlyFlights

My girl Kate rockin @davidkomalondon in La w/ the one & only @hilaryswank #stylistlife rep by @tackartistgroup

Now I Lay me Down to sleep, while over me the horses Leap. I'll wake tomorrow & Head to Belize. Where I'll dj a Wedding & dance with the Breeze. @traceymanner I'm coming for you. Bride to be. 📸 This Dreamy Shot was one of my favorite @davidlachapelleofficial shoots to have Costume Designed. #sweetDreams #BelizeinYOURSELF

Just Making the party a little @kohlerco then it already was. #upShitsCreek @chrisjimenezva @andrewfreesmeier @peteporte #nyc #makeitRAINshower

The only way to Travel is in @sixthjune Style, Comfort, & Swag all packed into JUAN. #coziestClothes #travelLewk #layeredUp

When your Best friend is the Prettiest girl in school, & You get to play dress up w/ her. I can't even call it work. #squintingForTheGODS #meghanLeavy #HauteLiving #layedBack #setlife #iHaveSLOTHeye

Nyc got me feelin all Smart In my reading glasses. Even though I don't need reading glasses. I like to wear them while doing emails, because Requesting designer Fashions takes a lot of Focus. #stylistLife #seeingThingsClearly #NYC

Mom slays again. Swish Swish is the new new Dish Bish. Can't stop the repeat. #proud @katyperry @nickiminaj

Well, if you ask me, Today is going to be one pretty Amazing Wednesday. Kick ass everybody #wujekWednesday @foxnews #SLAAYINGit 😉

Love Thy Self. First & Foremost. Off to a sweet state of Slumber, where my dreams will manifest, only to WAKE UP & make them MY Reality. #selfLOVE #blessed

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