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jordan wiedenbaum  Viola, piano, and steel drums :) music is all I know. Happiness isnt a destination it's just an emotion. Vollyball babe.

This is me wanting attention.

Be prepared for a long rant that makes probably no sense.. So.. I have been EXTREMELY hard on myself lately.. With a number of things such as body image issues, & hating who I have become.. I complain all of the time and I feel I'm angry at the world most days.. I disgust myself due to this negativity that I've been drawn to..
But I had quite an epiphany last night. I need to rid it all. I need to create my own happiness. I need to enjoy my life. I feel like I've been stuck. Days in and days out are all the same and it drives me bonkers.. So I'm going to go back to school.. Im going to work out more and eat healthier so I'm at my weight goal.. Im going to do things for ME. It's the small things in life that create happiness and I'm excited for this new self adventure that I'll be on. It'll definitely be difficult because I can't just change my frame of mind in 1 night, but it'll be worth the wait.
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This made my night.. #gameofthrones #GoTlovers #humor

My babies <3
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Travis birthed a kitty cat
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Ed Sheeran > World... 2 more months till you come to Tampa <3
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I fell in love with a dork.
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Happy National Best friend day which I didn't know ever existed until today But I love holidays so here I am posting this picture right now to celebrate it.. (takes breath)
I love you. Thank you for being not only my boyfriend but my best friend.. You let me put face masks on you and have girl night.. You listen to me complain about everything 24/7.. You feed me so I don't turn into a monster. You joke and laugh with me as much as possible.. You help me through my rough moments and anxiety and you're the only person I ever want to hang with. I love you butthead.

Happy late birthday to me!! As some of you may know.. I won a free 400$ tattoo in a contest. James Conway is a fairly new and amazing tattoo artist and he will now forever be my tattoo artist. Thank you @blacksails941

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