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Jenny whipple  Stressed, depressed, and not even well dressed. ⛑under renovation⛑

Some close up shots and satisfying tape pulling. #18hourswasted #biro

If I didn't have carpal tunnel before I definitely have it now. (Biro on white paper) ((#biro =ballpoint pen ya dummies))

Printmaking final- little book of this dude's species dying out. (Final as in my final project and his final day of living. Ya feel?) all copper plates

Buggin out

Sketches and notes from history of photography yesterday. More filler. Feat my weird inner finger freckle

I'm working on something better than this I swear. But it's not done. Chartwells boxes for now. There's probably a lot of gross food in them.

Trying to furiously draw a little fly friend

Back to old habits. Hyper realistic depiction of my pale ass skin and droopy arm and not so realistic depiction of everything else.

ugly boy

No no it's not the shitty dog filter. It's a cow. It's different. People love cows...right? #cowface?

i draw my bitch when she sleepin (in watercolor and pen)

If I didn't have carpal tunnel before, I do now. #tallgoat (Black pen white paper)

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