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Joyful Servants of Jehovah God  Sharing Photos & Videos of Theocratic Activities from our Worldwide Spiritual Family! 2 CORINTHIANS 13:11 *Contact us: IG DIRECT *View Videos: YouTube


Greetings from France...we love singing praises to Jehovah with our voices and hearts.
Thank you

Public witnessing at Sun Trust Park, the new stadium for the Atlanta Braves baseball team.
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Autumn preaching Polish-Ukrainian ❤
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Hi ! I wanted to share this picture of my friends and I preaching in downtown Montreal on wednesday. Every wednesday evening after work we meet up directly in the territory for service as there is no group that late and we enjoy meeting people who are more at home at this time of the day.
Thank you

I attended this Kingdom Hall in Puerto Villamil on Isabella Island. The island is part of 21 total islands in the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador. A very small and quaint hall in one of the naturally beautiful places on earth.
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It is important to remember that setbacks, illnesses and tragedy are part of this old system of things that will soon pass.
We work hard to find joy in the daily struggle of life, this is largely dependent on our ability to perservere through even the toughest adversity without ever giving up!
But we are not alone, we have the most caring Father...Jehovah God!
And His Son Jesus Christ
If you are going through a rough time, Prayer, Reading uplifting verses from the Bible and listening to our beautiful Kingdom Melodies are a true source of spiritual and emotional nourishment.
All this Spiritual feast is found in www.jw.org
Song 145
Video in Spanish
Unknown singer
Thank you

Showing a video with caleb and Sophia about always telling the truth to a kid at the campaign to Kosovo.
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Ben and Mum on the ministry in Derry , Northern Ireland
Thank you

Went to visit a Chichewa meeting last night in Nomzamo, Cape Town with my cousins.
The brothers were so friendly and you could feel that we are a part of a United Brotherhood!
Thank you

Happy to serve Jehovah in any way possible!!
Greetings from Houston, Texas
Thank you

w03 5/1 pp. 19-24

Give Comfort to Those Who Grieve “Jehovah has anointed me . . . to comfort all the mourning ones.”—ISAIAH 61:1, 2.

1, 2. To whom should we give comfort, and why?

JEHOVAH, the God of all real comfort, teaches us to be concerned when others experience calamity. He teaches us to “speak consolingly to the depressed souls” and to comfort all who mourn. (1 Thessalonians 5:14) When such help is needed, we provide it for fellow worshipers. We also show love to those outside the congregation, even to those who may not have given evidence of any love for us in the past.—Matthew 5:43-48; Galatians 6:10.

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It's our annual Congragation picnic from
Calumet Spanish congregation from Hammond, IN.
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