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Jane Campbell  ▫️PT ▫️Gymshark Athlete🦈 ▫️Womens best 💕 ▫️Email - info@janecampbellfitness.com


Me and sass are enjoying the sunshine today if you can see her lil paws aha 🐾☀️ hoping it stays like this all weekend 🙏🏽 training shoulders tonight following my 12 week guide coming soooooon yayy 👀💪🏼 hope you all are having a lovely day, I'm just about to have a @womensbest cookie and cup of tea 💁🏼 Top is @hm and dungarees are @nakdfashion ❤️ #Fridays #womensbest #chill

Hi hi 👋🏽 Lots of you ask how many calories I eat on a daily basis but I actually have no idea ✨ for me I just like intuitively eating and what I want to eat depending on the day, a typical day for me is usually something like - 3 egg omelette with 1 full avocado and coffee ☕️ Protein pancakes with handful of raspberries and blueberries 🍇 Chicken with broccoli and pasta or potatoes 🥔 toast with peanut butter and banana 🍌 I sometimes have some biscuits in between or some cereal at night but that's pretty much it for me, my calories vary from day to day! My fav meal rn tbf is beans on toast ahah I'm pretty plain when it comes to food, but never go by someone else's calories on social media, because what's right for them might not be right for you! 🙏🏽 #healthcomesfirst #calories #foods

Hi hi 👋🏽 Just wanted to say thanks for everyone who helped me with sass she back eating again and playing yayy 💁🏼💕Currently just about to do the chest workout I posted cause I haven't been able to gym today so some water bottle dumbbells better be sufficient aha🤦🏼‍♀️ #loveyouall #homeworkout

✨ Plyometric push ups on bench 4x8 ✨Close grip chest press 4x12/15 ✨Chest flys with dumbbell 3x12/15 ✨Tricep dips on bench 4x12 last set till failure -
I absolutely love the first exercise it kills me errrrytime 🙌🏽 #triceps #chest #workout #fitness

Spot sass 👀ahaha it's legs today and I'm just about to make my dinner 🙋🏼and sass hasn't even eaten her breakfast yet but she got the energy of a toddler she's been buzzin about all day like a bee 😂 #happymondays #sass #womensbest

Such a fun day with these girlies 🙌🏽💕 Wearing @gymsharkwomen 🔥photo cred: @jadejoselyn

ABS CIRCUIT 💁🏼💪🏼 I'm doing this tonight and a home chest workout cause I can't make it to the gym 🙈😩 12 reps of each exercise repeat x3 woooo 🔥 #abcircuit #abs #gymshark #fitness #burn

Am I @naturallystefanie yet wit dees abs lol no ok it's just the lighting then ☀️✨ making me look leaner than I really am 🙃 Alsoooo who's all going to sfn? 🙌🏽 I'll be there the Sunday yayyyy🙋🏼 #ablighting #yasss #womensbest

LEG FINISHERS FOR YA 🍑💪🏼 second attempt at trying to get the spacing right thanks so much for all your advice it's a work in progress currently😂🙏🏽 - ✨ Pulsing side lunges with weight - 20 reps
✨Pulsing side lunges no weight - 20 reps ✨Kettlebell swings - 20 reps ✨Repeat x3 -
#bootybuilding #squats #fitness #gymshark

Making the most of having slight abs rn cause I'm starting to try and bulk again 🙊🐷 foods I tend to eat whilst bulking include: 🔸Poached egg and avocado on toast 🔸Protein pancakes with mixed fruit. 🔸Chicken/steak/salmon with rice and veg with a sauce. 🔸Toast with peanut butter and banana. 🔸Beans on toast. 🔸Fajitas. 🔸Greek yogurt mixed with fruit. 🔸Cereals/granola at night. These are just some of the foods I will tend to eat on a daily basis, along with some treats hehe (usually some form of cake cause that's my downfall)😂 - #bulking #abs #foods #fitness #motivation #fitspo

BOOTY AND HAMMIES 🍑💪🏼 these are some of my fav glute accessory work after the main compound lifts 💁🏼. 🔸Goodmornings 4x12 superset with jumping squats. 4x20 🔸Glute kickbacks using dumbbells 4x12 each leg. 🔸Single leg rdl 3x12 each leg. Wearing @gymsharkwomen. #booty #bootybuilding #legday #gymshark #workout

Happy Friday guys 💃🏼 Had a chest workout vid to post but it went all pixilated and weird on my phone?! 😭so Ima just write what I did 💪🏼 🔸Chest press 4x12 🔸Close grip chest press 4x15 🔸Chest flys 3x12 🔸Plyometric push-ups on bench 3x8 🔸Tricep pushdowns 4x12 dropset on last set
Wearing @gymsharkwomen

#chestworkout #fitness #gymshark #workout #motivation

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