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I can't quite find the word to explain how I felt last night. What a night. Music to me is so much more than just fun, it's emotional. I cried like a baby last night and loved every single minute. She didn't ask me to come on stage and sing with her like I had hoped but there is always next time😉! Looks like I have started off my 40th birthday celebrating right, it's not even my birthday month yet! I haven't missed a single @pink tour and she just gets better and better 💓
#pink #citizensbankarena #beautifultraumatour #40 #thisis40

Fresh flowers in my house makes me feel so happy. Simple things make a huge impact❤❤❤ #welcomehome #flowers #spring #garden #happiness #beauty #mygarden #gardenflowers

My favorite time of the night with my favorite daughter Charley porch sittin❤! The weather this time of the year here in Cali is the best!
#californialove #cockalier #cavalierkingcharlesspanielblenheim #porchlife #rockingchair #puppylove

Mother's Day was beautiful❤ we had an awesome day at church together. Spent time outside and then picked up my biggest baby and drove to dinner! #maddieshome #ilovetoday #icouldcry #sohappy

Happy birthday to my Grammy! This ice cream is for you, black cherry your favorite❤

Birthday night at Dodger stadium with Jersey and her friends! 💙 Jerseys 13th Birthday! #dodgerssocial

Guess what!!!!!!?
My @maddieveldman is on a jet plane headed back to Cali😃 one stop at UC Davis for softball this weekend and she is home for the summer🌴

Looking through my phone and realizing I sure take a lot of selfies with my best friend. My kids hate it, I love it! 😜 #bigworm #bff #cockalier #cavalierkingcharlesspanielblenheim

Prom season is here. Dances are always better when you go with a friend❤

Tonight was the perfect night to be still🐶

Pretty much

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