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More excited about this machine than some race cars I have engineered. Working on dialing in the best set up but it changes with weather and the driver....I mean beans. @ecmespresso Synchronika

Bike ride with Diane to @periniranch for dinner. Pretty sure this was a net gain on calories. But it sure was great. One of the top steak houses in the USA, 12 miles from home. #buffalogaptexas

Took the new bike out for a set up ride. So much fun to ride the @iamspecialized #roubaix on these rough roads, just soaked them up. The @sramroad #etap drivetrain shifts like butter fast and smooth. Did not want to get off...went 55 miles. Got a feeling that's going to be a short ride in this bike.

What a great sight. COTA @imsa_racing race right to @mazdaracewaylagunaseca @ferrarichallengena race direct to @wgi1948 @coreautosport @porsche #gt3r test and right to @grcseries #louisville race....now home....so happy to be back!

Spotters stand @grcseries right before the final at #louisville. @coreautosport has @thehomelessholmes spotting for @colinbraun and in my opinion is the best in the biz on the stand. @jonbenn54 has me spotting for him and got a 5th despite that handicap.

Kids always playing in the dirt

@grcseries mechanics are amazing. Look at these great working conditions today in the @coreautosport pit area. These guys never even came up for air in the 30 min between the semi and the final. But they did get to burn themselves, lay in mud, not eat, get covered in gearbox oil and cut there hands. Came up smiling when it was over. Special bread. Come watch the mechanics at your next GRC event it's a great show!

First and only salute to a crew member this weekend. Fred on the @coreautosport @grcseries team 56 car of @colinbraun. Fred would never have time to drink coffee. He is flat out and head down all day. Today he realigned a bent car, diagnosed a shift problem took the gearbox apart and fixed it all in 30 min before the main event. With great support from the rest of the CORE crew Fred gets it done.

Great day for @coreautosport @grcseries in #louisville today. Each driver won their heat then @jonbenn54 started 7th and ended the final 5th. @colebraun started 8th in the final and drove it to 4th. Massive props to the crew guys and how they manage the fast pace of a weekend!

Just won BOTH heats here @grcseries in #louisville @jonbenn54 winning his heat flag to flag but had to fend off an driver than drove into his door in the last lap. @colinbraun had a great battle to win his heat by less than 1 second. Great start for @coreautosport

Morning warm up here @grcseries #louisville Yes it does look this dreary from the spotters stand.

Car 54 Mr. @jonbenn54 cleared for straight in approach runway 24 left. Greased the landing every time. Now I know why he has his pilots license. Comes in handy to get to the race track fast and go around the race track fast. @grcseries

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