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Zeus  🐾 I love playing tug of war with mel, biting on ice, and playing with my friends. My humans instagram - @mmelissatrujillo

I’m I a model yet or what?

I’m one of those people..I mean I’m one of those dogs that don’t smile when a photo is taken.. #seriousface

My favorite ! 🎾🐶

Mom! 🧡 Best human ever!

I come outside with my mom to just enjoy the sun (: btw guys that’s not a booger, I just wander a lot in the grass that’s all


Just looking out the window, noticing that today’s weather isn’t so great for the park 🤨

Had a fun day yesterday with my friend 🐾😎

Nap time! My human just left to Georgia and I miss her already ! 🐾 @mmelissatrujillo have fun I’ll be keeping your bed warm 😎🐕

Here's a picture that my human took of me while I was asleep !

Dreaming about what I'm getting for Christmas.. 💭🥓🍌🏈🎾🎁

I think my human has an obsession with me, and I don't even know why.. 🤔🐕

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