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Johnny D  Your character speaks 4 itself but screw all that and the in vein lifestyle I've been living like. Go FUCK The hell off!


Aww memories lol #throwback Everything we had been through together. I miss you 300mod! But then she was taken from me. And every car I've owned outright there after since has seen the same fate eventually. SMH #Wasted #Money keep your DMV straight. And Don't try to drive the main interstate to Washington on a wing and a prayer with a couple failure to appears 6 hours or more away, for minor traffic infractions that lead to a suspended license and warrant. heavy penalties and consequences for tickets that should be nothing to worry about. Tint. A cell ticket and bumpin stereo too loud in a MALL PARKING LOT LOL. Are you kidding me! #fuckmyluck and back to back employer SHUTDOWNS after being open for years making great pay. #onlymyluck #LMAO

WE GONNA RUN THROUGH THIS LEAGUE AND SLAP EVERYONES MOMMA while we at it baby! LOL. Raider Nation deserves DOMINANCE and GLORY once again. It's been way too long and it's FUCK the REST MODE from here on baby! #NFL #Raiders #JUSTWINBABY #Werebackinblack #SmileatHaters #RaiderNation #SlappingYourTeamsMomma #MotivationMonday

Ohhh sheet Exactly what I was hoping for too when I heard about his contract problems...hmm Could be VEERRY interrrrrresting πŸ€”πŸ˜œ. #RAIDERS #BEASTMODE #back #whereitsat

Yup pretty much u can also insert some other names too, its not jus them πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚. #raidersnation @devita_anthony17 @yung_jenks

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