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Nguyenning!  Social Influencer Bootcamp Instructor & Personal Trainer BKChatHTX On my own fitness journey. BeBodied Houston, Texas🤘🏽

I’m bringing “Sexy Back” haha get it
But forreal this summer is for backless dresses and tube tops so I wanna make sure my back looks nice and toned and plus i need my lats to pop for this show!
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CHANGE is inevitable, TRANSFORMATION is by conscious choice.
About 3 1/2 years ago I had a conversation with myself and said “Stephanie what are you doing?” As I looked at my reflection in the mirror I knew I WANTED and NEEDED change but always fell on and off and never stayed committed. On this day when I made this commitment something was different, there was an urge for me to prove to myself that I was unstoppable if I wanted to be, I could be happier if I put in the work, I wanted to be healthy and active again like I once was. Understand that you have control over your mind and body and don’t ever forget that. You can do anything you put your mind to if you really believe that you can. Until you make that choice and commitment for the betterment of yourself you’ll never know what endless possibilities you could be missing out on.

Leaning out so nicely, abs coming through 😌

Strong Alone, UNSTOPPABLE together.

Currently one of my fav ab exercises!
Decline Reverse Crunches
I do 100-200 of these daily to get my competition abs! Added an extra 5 leg lifts for my advanced fitness peeps 💪🏽
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She’s just a little too perfect, she’s just a little too worth it. 💙

Being the woman that CONSTANTLY GOES FOR IT.

Ever since i was a little girl i had dreams of being successful, I’m not about to disappoint myself. 💕

Honestly, i gotta give myself some credit because i just been working so effin hard! As harsh as i am on myself i can’t deny the work that I’ve put in.
Here’s to self love and happiness 💕

“And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire. And that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.”
Nothing hypes me up more than looking back at where i use to be and where I’m at and thinking about where i could be. It’s thrilling to see your body change in so many ways and how much more it can change when you’re willing to push it beyond what limits you think you’ve had.

When you mid fitness shoot and spot someone with @chickfila nuggets and waffle fries and get jealous 😩😡
But on a serious note one of the hardest parts of this prep is definitely making sure i maintain my diet and eat accordingly. I can gym all day but curving my cravings.... man it’s been hard but I’m sticking to it the best way i can. When i tell y’all i can’t wait to eat EVERYTHING after my show, like yup I’ll be accepting all food invites for a week! Remember diet is 80% or getting your body right!

It’s a #Ciroc Summer. 🥥

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