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Mango Brown Bengal Kitty Cat  Adorable meowing cat oozing w/ cuteness.Bringing smiles to the 🌎 1 meow at a time ! #catversationswithjustmangobrown

Cat's will love you too , not just dogs & ferrets! 😻 Sound on πŸ”Š & don't miss the silent purr meow at the end !!! #catversationswithjustmangobrown #lovekittens

Mango takes the whole β€œkiss me I’m Irish” thing v. seriously! 😘 πŸ€πŸŒˆ Happy #stpatricksday & Happy #stgertrude day ! 🐈

When you can smell B.S. 😀 πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ Sound On πŸ”ŠπŸ”” Will you allow Meow a mini rant ?! This whole situation with @united is despicable & reeks of b.s. . To say the flight attendant didn’t know there was an animal in the carrier ?!First of all ,a pet carrier is pretty obvious by itself, even more so WHEN it’s barking ! The daughter told you their pup ( w/ paid pet ticket) was in the carrier & you STILL don’t know ? Give me a break . And what about the other people sitting nearby or the other flight attendants for that matter all while the poor pup barked & suffocated to death ? The solution is we put a special tag on the bag now ? How about fire those people working for you that have zero common sense & compassion?! Sorry but not all jobs are appropriate for everyone . Time to weed out those bad apples before something horrible happens again. We’ve been lucky enough to travel with Mango , even on United , w/ zero issues . But I can assure you , the news headlines would have been very different if a FA tried to pull this b.s. with us. 🌹RIP Sweet Pup .

Witness the attack of a wild bear type of cat ! WAhhhh!!! 😻

A touchy subject ...... 🚫#catversationswithjustmangobrown #🐱

A Caturday Catversation about pancakes ! πŸ₯ž 😻 #mycatismyspiritanimal #catversationswithjustmangobrown

What do you Sphinx of my whiskers ? πŸ˜»β˜€οΈ #sphinx #whiskers

Just hanging out with my bestie on a Caturday night ! πŸ‘ 😻 Some of you have asked if Mango could possibly get any cuter... welp.... πŸ’ž

Who knew Tigers were so friendly and like to make beds in warm laundry ?! πŸ… #catversationswithjustmangobrown #🐱

A blissed out blep, healing purrs & the look of love ! πŸ―πŸ‘… Sound on πŸ”Š for sweet Mango purrs ! #blep #purr #purrfect

Always has the last meow ..... πŸ˜ΊπŸ”Š#catversationswithjustmangobrown #catloaf

An Ode to my bag : Paper or plastic you make my body feel fantastic . πŸ’ΌπŸ˜» #catinabag #poetry

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