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justlikenonna.  Head Chef at Tom’s Kitchen Chelsea, Ex Soho House, Cafe Murano, traveller, explorer, foodie, wine lover from Sydney Australia, calling London home.


the boys @j.m.p89 and @albycrazy killing it again; beef tartare, crispy Jerusalem artichoke, burnt apple puree, pickled trompettes at #tomskitchenchelsea

last week @tattooedpastrychef joined us at #tomskitchenchelsea he put this little beauty on dark chocolate & almond croquant with vanilla ice cream.

just another cracker from @j.m.p89 at #tomskitchenchelsea earl grey smoked duck breast, carrot and miso puree, hazelnuts and bulgar wheat, here in Chelsea the specials game is strong, plated to perfection by the wonderful @marceliux3 #oneteamonedream

tonight’s special; @lalatteriauk burrata, figs, fruit puree, hazelnut dressing and parma ham.

pigs head terrine, caramelised apple puree, pickled apple, brown butter, black pudding, seriously sexy stuff with my boys @albycrazy @j.m.p89 #tomskitchenchelsea

smooth, delicate and silky; our foie gras and chicken liver parfait #tomskitchenchelsea

12 years in the trade, blood, sweat, cuts, burns, late nights, early starts, tears, many bollockings, more tattooes, but it’s proof surround yourself with the right people and things will happen, I dedicate this to everyone that told me I wouldn’t make it, especially you Mr Kinsella you old prick.

tonight’s special at #tomskitchenchelsea earl grey smoked duck breast, apricot puree, granola, bitter leaves, pickled apricots, absolutely flying out.

a lovely special @tomskitchens #tomskitchenchelsea this last week; @lalatteriauk burrata, heirloom tomatoes, granola, roasted peaches and lashings of basil oil.

starter special 2.0; salmon tartare, spring onions, corn, avocado curd, chilli, dukkah.

although halibut may not be the prettiest little fellas, they are sure very tasty to eat, thanks at @celticfishgame for some cracking goodies.

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