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Workday denim jacket #ootd attempts courtesy of sis @shazahazwani's camera and @vsuyin's questionable Instagram husband skills. I don't know how to pose. Send help.


First comp of the season and I went in feeling pretty uncomfortable because my bodyweight is at its heaviest right now.

But since it's a month of "Getting Uncomfortable", this was one of the major things I had to make myself do.

PRed my #snatch at 60kg (one of my 2018 goals done!) and PRed my clean and jerk at 67kg. That face after my clean and jerk tho.
Thanks interim coach @notlucahs and well done to my other @vanguardweightlifting girls @6i6ah @shuyi.92 😘😘😘

That time when I fell head over heels for a pug. 📸@shazahazwani 😘

Taking every PR with a pinch of salt because my bodyweight has been going up uncontrollably. Hopefully the thyroid meds will start coming into effect soon and I'll be back into my usual weight class and finding a true measure of my strength progress in a couple of months.

That's also not to say that I'm going to be taking it easy and just relying on the meds. That's just a cop out. The work increases as will the frustrations and *fingers crossed* the rewards.

Looking on the bright side helps in every scenario.

Well that was a pleasant surprise. Didn't actually feel like my legs were going to snap during the jerk. Need a constant reminder that your thoughts as you approach any movement in weightlifting is pivotal in its execution.

What a beautiful sport 😍

I'm glad to see some of us here took #airmaxday seriously.

Time to play "Guess The Quads".

Well, that was fun! Spent my Sunday morning talking about what I love - Digital Marketing. Giving a talk or a workshop was one of my goals of 2018 and I'm so happy that I can tick that one off before the end of Q1.

Thanks @futurelab_ for the opportunity and to my awesome teammate @thegregmeehan for getting me involved in the first place.

Super amazing being able to speak to so many curious people about what I do. Hopefully I helped out a handful of people in the crowd. So, when's the next one?!

115kg x 3 #squat PR. All this sleeping before 1230am business feels like it's paying off. Yas.

If it looks like all I've been doing lately is squatting, it is not entirely untrue. Hit 3 sets of 110kg x 5 #squats for a 5 rep PR. 5kg up from last week and 5kg below my 1 rep max. My legs have officially retired. Goodbye.

So happy that the @supahandsmy crew agreed to join me on a SupaHIIT Thursday. Super proud of everyone for pushing through the burn and coming out with smiles on their faces. Same time next week guys?!

Protip for girls and training : No matter how painful it is or how shitty you feel on the first day of your period, just go to the gym and score a magical #squat PR at 105kg x 5 with 3 idiots to join in your video.

The first 30-45mins of it will be horrendous and you'll be thinking of how much better it'd be if you went home instead and curled up on the sofa with a giant bowl of pasta on your lap. But break through that pain barrier, and beautiful things happened.

Today was honestly one of the worst period cramps I've had in a billion years and I spent the whole day in the office counting down the hours until I could climb into bed again.

But I always force myself to train on my period because somehow it always turns out of be the best days at the gym. Maybe it's because your mind is so dead set on not thinking about the pain in your abdomen that you forget all other kinds of soreness and pain along the way.

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