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Justin Wolfer  Director of Rise Yoga & Movement Arts Center - Saratoga Springs, NY. @RiseYogaMovement | online handstand course🤸‍♂️ link below

Flow needn’t be reduced to continuous movements... pose after pose after pose. My intention when teaching is to open the space up for real practice. This is my “flow state.” Deep listening, exploration, gaining insight into our processes through simple, clear and measured steps. These students were incredible - eager to learn and apply the material in way that serves their highest values. I would expect nothing less from a @raghunathyogi teacher training. Thank you teacher for leading by your example! You are pure integrity and devotion.
Raghunath and I are leading a 30 hr teacher intensive at @supersoulfarm August 16-19. We will give you every tool we have. Direct message me for the link to sign up👊

About to spend 20 hrs with my teacher @raghunathyogi teaching at his amazing @supersoulfarm doing what we love serving dedicated practitioners that aspire to serve others with skill and devotion.
I’ll be teaching 20 hrs on applying anatomy and physiology principles in measured progressive ways in both group and individual settings. Swipe left for my best attempt at mapping out my teaching brain.
Raghunath and I are teaching a 30 hr teaching Intensive at @supersoulfarm Aug 16-19. It’s a quick drive from New York and Boston areas. Direct message me for info. Last year’s program was extraordinary!

Just a bunch of “older” kids playing with some capoeira inspired movements and trying to mirror one another. As a teacher I often hear that my practices are ONLY for super athletic people. I have allowed this to bother me in the past. Today I choose to appreciate the students that continue to show up and practice and allow me to dare to fail as a teacher.
In order to become good at something first you must risk failing at it... Will I risk it for a chance at something truly great or will I watch others from the sidelines? That is my choice...
I appreciate the willingness to go beyond ones comfort zone to learn new things. Anyone is capable of this. Few will dare... 👊👊👊

Practice is always available to us. This is important to remember. Not just when we’re feeling good or “need to practice.”
A student with a strong physical practice was sharing with me that she had a reoccurring injury that was getting in the way of her practice. I tell myself all the time that “that this is getting in the way” of me practicing or doing something that I want to do. Becoming aware of what we are telling ourselves in these instances is a valuable practice in itself and often clears the way for us to direct our energy in ways we desire. Happy practicing everyone👊

Explaining your torn hamstring in terms of chakras, doshas and varying degrees of moonlight is not helping you. And it’s not helping you articulate the value of your practice.
How about instead we use measurable ranges of motion, control, load, time under load, sets of repetitions, variation, tempo, rest, breath patterns, etc. recorded and measured over a period of time? This is more in line with my idea of self study then having vague explanations for everything. “It’s a journey”
We must ask ourselves: “is representing yourself as an authority on something you’ve just began studying in line with your highest values or the values of your practice?”

The first time I considered what it meant to really listen was after watching the movie Fight Club. I would argue that if you’re not willing to hold space to listen to what’s going on without trying to immediately change it then you’re probably not ready to change. And for teachers if you’re not holding space to just listen can you actually teach? #randomtalkingvideo

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, my amazing wife and all the mums around the world! It’s the most demanding job there is and I’ve been fortune to have 2 woman do it with tremendous grace.

Maybe you don’t need to LOVE everything about yourself in bold face capital letters.

Forcing yourself to feel something you think you should feel just leads to more confusion.

Maybe it’s understanding that we’re after?

Maybe that’s what we mean by this word love?

Not candlelit dinners and diamond rings, just deep listening and understanding that most of your so called bad traits originate from a place of caring. It was your best attempt with the tools you had to deal with a situation that in your past caused you some kind of pain.

Thank you to an amazing artist and friend @robertsturman for taking this photo of my wife @camacha_rees and I.
#fridaymusings #coffee #coffeeeverydamnday

Flowering trees are pretty high on my list of things I appreciate... what’s on your list?

Advancement is only relative to the topic you are referring to and how you are measuring your progress. We often assume that advanced is just one thing. Being strong in one lift, or being flexibility enough to do a split or having a few fancy tricks or to drive a nice car or have that look that everyone wants. If that’s your singular goal then that’s the direction to advance in. I’ve gone down that path, even in yoga. However I’m finding far more to explore then other people’s measurements of progress. My own practice is an opportunity to observe, inquire and change behavioral patterns that I no longer value. These advancements don’t often correlate to social standards of advancement that are easily portrayed on a medium like instagram.
PS try this☝️ find a way or ways to get off your back and on to your feet/foot to a standing position without using your hands. It doesn’t have to look pretty. It might actually challenge you to think about it (that’s probably good if exploring new possibilities is something you value). Oh you want a Prize, do you? How about your life is ticking away. Consider how you want to spend your time and then take action🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️💃🕺 tag me and the hashtag #challengeforthesakeofchallengechallenge #whatamidoingwithmyhands #creepyhands

On social media the most advanced yoga practitioners are the ones with great cameras that take jaw dropping photos in exotic locations... (I ain’t knocking it, do it if you can).
As a teacher is that my goal for the students that attend my classes?
I don’t believe that chasing shapes alone and pretty backgrounds will help you very much in life. In fact, Yogic philosophy clearly states that no amount of fame or accumulation of shiny objects will give you deep fulfillment. What truly fulfills us is wholeness.
So what can we advance in?
As a teacher, my focus is in encouraging students to critically assess their choices and develop their own intelligent processes. To gain focus and clarity through clear and consistent observation. To consider what it is that you value most and to notice when you are valuing something other then what will be important on your death bed.
I believe this is the work that helps us to stand a little taller and leads us to a state of wholeness and clarity within our life.

Narrative Excavation

So you say you want to climb a mountain?

But in the past you’ve climbed up halfway and turned back. In the past you’ve bought the gear and never used it. In the past you’ve told your friends you were going to join them for a climb but didn’t show.

And so the day of the climb you say “i didn’t really want to climb that mountain.”

Why can’t I climb this mountain?

The reason unwanted patterns persist is that they are supported with our own narratives about why they must persist.

If I don’t follow through I can continue to say: “the timing wasn’t right” “I’m out of shape” “the mountain was too high” “I’m flaky” “the people that climb mountains cant be trusted.”

There is safety in our stories and repeating our behaviors but if you want to climb mountains...

I want to give a shout to my teacher @dk_movement for his expertise and dedication to this work. It has had an impact on me that I couldn’t have anticipated. It continues to yield useful insights both in my moment to moment experience and in my big picture aspirations. Through the practice I have reconnected to what I value most without feeling bogged down by narrative structure. I feel clear and whole and energized. If you get a chance to study with him... do it! I heard he’s returning to the states soon🇺🇸

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