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This. Not my words. But I feel it. #Repost @saulwilliams
This woman lost her child at sea yesterday. Approximately 32 toddlers drowned in the Mediterranean yesterday. Over 50k have been rescued at sea in 2017 so far. We talk & share opinions on immigration making no connection to the multinational governments & corporations that loot & have looted the African continent for centuries. Typing our opinions on yet another apparatus that could not be powered without the riches and resources of a continent that has provided oil, gold, diamonds, uranium, aluminum, rubber, cobalt, coltan, forced & free labor ... intrinsically linked to our economy, progress, comfort & the imperialistic aims of the 1%. Meanwhile power hungry leaders form alliances on the basis of profit and pitch policies that cripple the commoner while policing dissent. They talk "terrorism" as if the bombing, pillaging, & political infiltration in the Middle East over the past 50 (more) years, the political & religious corruption that is age old repressive & fear based, is not in direct correspondence with government & corporate interest that has destroyed the lives of millions and forced those who can, those who dream to pursue lives in regions where opportunity beckons. Only to arrive and face new discrimination, new fears, and the same age old corruption. Black lives, brown lives, poor lives matter & they matter way more than our comfort zones, our ignorance, our disinterest, our self-interest & the shitty ass music on the radio, redundant ass hero myths onscreen, and the latest funny meme- which I am also laughing at- but the slightest shift in programming always reminds me that ain't nothing funny about this shit.
Not pictured, is the rest of us, currently lost at sea.

We need to know.

Thank you so much, @thomasfroggatt - these are beautiful. You've been a thoughtful, steady and true friend since I met you way back in 2001, and your belated bday gift was unexpected and nailed it. Thanks man. ✨👨🏻‍🎤

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