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Justin's  Can someone please create a peanut butter cup emoji? This is important. #justins

Cashew Butter Buckeyes have me feeling all the feels. Mostly hunger, but that’s beside the point.
Recipe cred: @dishingouthealth

You can have chocolate for breakfast, honey. No, I’m not your mother, I’m Justin, but you should listen to me. On this one at least.

You’ve done this, right? I know you’ve done this. You’ve told me you’ve done this. That’s why I did this.

Protein. Packed.

It’s chocolatey and hazelnutty, with a hint of orangey rosemary-ness. It’s a tart. It’s not tart, it’s a tart, and it’s perfect.

How I roll.
Cred: @momskitchenhandbook

Dark Chocolate Energy Bites. They’re just so...beautifullll.

Recipe cred: @inquiringchef

If you HAD to choose one, which flavor would you go with? Who am I kidding? I’d never make you do that.

Hey, watch this. I made a Cashew Butter Cup Cookie Pie, then topped it with more Cashew Butter Cups. You’ll see. #PiDay

It’s #NationalPlantAFlowerDay, and flowers are good for bees, and we like bees, because we can’t make almond butter without bees, so this is how we celebrate.

Learn more about why we’re nuts for bees in the link in our profile: http://justins.com/values/nuts-for-bees

Who bagged the Mini Peanut Butter Cups? Oh, that was me.

Kind of like carrot cake, but it’s not. It’s a waffle. Made from carrots. Slathered with almond butter. #GlutenFree


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