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Justin Nizer  Award winning filmmaker and music producer based in Los Angeles.

Sitting here in a coffee shop in @kaskade‘s hometown Chicago watching it snow so I’m throwing it back to warm memories in Miami. I used No One Knows Who We Are as the soundtrack because the music I grew up with was finally getting the attention it deserves and I felt like we were right in the center of it. My favorite quote from this one: “it really is so global right now” ok, back to my dirty chai.

Fun fact, I’m too much of a sissy to watch horror movies but it’s my favorite subject to write and direct. #tbt to my first narrative film which received two best short horror film awards and a bunch of official selections in the film festival circuit. Such a rad cast and crew on this one. Happy early Halloween everyone!!! 👻☠️😈

#tbt the first of 2 times I hiked Volcan Baru, the highest peak in Panama where you can see the ocean in both directions and one of the most amazing sunrises on the planet. Hoping I can make it back there soon to give her a third and brush up on my Spanish. #volcanbaru

Last year I stopped ignoring a recurring dream and decided to pursue producing music again. I’d stopped years ago when my video career started taking off and it had been nagging me for a while. I applied and got in to Icon in Burbank and started a new chapter in my life that honestly scared the shit out of me. How do I start a music career in my 30s? Where does that fit with my business and film career that I still really care about? How do I pay for this? These questions and doubts were pretty crushing under the intensity of the program while managing my business and just life in general. But along with help and encouragement from my loved ones I slugged through it.
This weekend was our graduation for all of the classes this year and I was nominated for an award - most improved student of 2018 (which makes sense, I was pretty green going in lol) and I won. At a school that has produced so many huge artists with massively successful careers in electronic music, to receive that honor at the end of one of the most trying years of my life really solidified my decision and helped push those doubts out the window. Not only that, the award was handed to me by a guy who before I became friends with I was a huge fan of as a young raver and whose records I still have on vinyl from those days. Walking on to a stage hearing my own music while that happened was just insane on so many levels.
I’m not sure where I go next from here but I have zero doubts that it’s about to be the most exciting, scary, and fulfilling chapters in my story.
If u made it this far you deserve a cookie. And if you were around me this last year and I’ve been absent or stressed, thank you for dealing with me and for being there from the bottom of my heart. #iconcollective

No matter what else is happening, there is always consistency here. Just as in life, you get exactly what you put in. No lies, no secrets, no shortcuts. Just hard work, dedication, and reward.

“Hey @jerryfolk_ take a candid photo of me walking with my camera so it looks like I’m omw to shoot an artsy sunset” #tbt #kindredspirits

Working on fulfilling my goal to learn the piano. I was playing around on the keys a and few ideas for other synths popped in to my head so I patched in some gear and this little recording came out of it. It’s wild how music can start with a little idea and suddenly take the wheel if you just surrender yourself to where it wants to go. Here I have the #Ob6 and #mooggrandmother under a couple little motifs I landed on while practicing and just playing around in one of my fav/easiest scales. Baby steps ➡️ lifelong journey

Tbt inking up for my matching brothers tattoo with @cambron.lyles and Cody. Miss u booboos

I miss Marvin.

Always visualized hearing my own music in some insane aftermovies and last year I went ahead and made it happen. Here’s a snippet from ‘Technical Support’ in the Imagine Music Festival #Aftermovie constructed with eurorack samples from the Mother32 and Mutable Braids. 🎛🤘🏼🔥 Pretty stoked to be heading to #imf this year to direct the aftermovie again! #imaginemusicfestival #eyewaxfilms 📽🎚🔥

‘Now where should I put this vuvuzela?’
🎥 @cambron.lyles

It’s finally cooling down in LA which means it’s getting a lot colder elsewhere #tbt

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