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With a wounded soul and spirit, it’s not easy to understand the battle between true emotions vs fear of further loss/devastation. Vulnerability is an uncomfortable place for the emotionally wounded. It is a state of mind in an ongoing battle that must be overcome in order to persevere. Memories and love of my brother used to feel like the root or cause of the pain, but in reality, they serve as the weapons I will now wield in this battle. What once felt like my burden, I’ve rediscovered as my strength. My life force. The true test of perseverance is the hearts ability to heal from great loss. Jake, there’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do to have you back. Bound by blood, bound by love. See you when I get there. Happy Birthday, Jake.

Get your copy tonight at 9. Long awaited album by two of the best to ever do it and two of the most solid humans out there, @e40
and @blegit72. #BayArea #SickWidIt

2017 #KindersBBQ Holiday Card sent out to 300+ staff members! A special thank you to #Kinders staff/army, past and present! And another special thank you to @photodocs for his wizardry! Happy Holidays to all! (Swipe for years 1-5)

The band is back together. #HogTies #BayArea @rjizzle70seven @e40

"...really from Oakland doe" @velltfg #BeastMode #RaiderNation

Losing my brother has never been something easily discussed for me. Words, spoken or written, simply can't do justice to the true emotions and pain that lie beneath the surface. The sharp sting slowly fades but the deep ache remains. Unfortunately that deep pain and emotional chaos become comforting because it's what has filled the void my brother once occupied. Learning to not have that theme carry over into the different corners of life has been challenging. While Ive always known my brother would want me to live in peace, for some reason it wasn't always powerful enough to overcome the grief and odd comfort that internal war and pain provide. Jake, I'll do my best to honor you by living the best way I know how. I'll take care of things here and you do the same up there. Happy Birthday, Jake. I'll see you when I get there.

In honor of tonight's officiating....Blow The Whistle!!

End the night with a victory photo @e40 @g_eazy @gary.payton.20 @rjizzle70seven @warriors #TWDY

1 down, 3 to go

Happy Mothers Day to my favorite human being on the planet! @pkinder

Year #5, 2016 edition of the #KindersBBQ Holiday Card that goes out to all 300+ staff members. Happy Holidays!

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