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There'll be days you don't want to workout, I'm here to tell you to go through the motions anyway. STAY FOCUSED and PUSH THROUGH, these are the days that are going to change you👊
I actually had one of those days today and the only thing that kept me going was my vision. My vision for my physique, how far I want to go in the fitness industry, and my vision for the difference I want to make in the world.
All I can say is that I ended up having a killer chest workout, I'm one step closer towards my goals, and that workout inspired this post 🙏
Hit up @powerhousenutritionlbk for gainz fuel

Really trying to bring up my middle/upper traps as that was one of my weaker points this show, so I'm supersetting bent-over rows w/ shrugs.
Getting almost completely parallel, using a slightly wider grip (to focus on retraction of the shoulder blades), and rowing a little bit more towards my chest to focus the middle/upper portion of the back. Aiming for 8-12 controlled reps.
Also maintaing a slightly wider grip on the shrugs to match up with the muscle fibers for greater activation, then just trying to think about getting my shoulders as high up & back as I can.
I'll hopefully be filling in that upper space of my back to look less like a reptile 😂

Hey guys, I ended up taking 2nd and @ginamarie.fit took 1st at her very first show, she killed it! Obviously I wanted to win, but I definitely brought my best physique to date to the most competitive show I've entered. The guy who beat me took the overall and definitely deserved it. Now I'll be taking about 6 months to improve my weak points for a chance to earn my pro card at nationals! Thank you to everyone who's been supporting me and following my journey 👊

Both center stage the whole time, see you guys at the night show! #sanantonioextravaganza

One circuit from Shredding Circuits pt. 2 (subscribe so you don't miss the full workout w/commentary)
Squats, leg press, leg extensions, lunges 3x 20 reps w/ no rest until all exercises are completed.
A tip for leg extensions: don't just get your feet up, at the top try to think about lifting your whole leg off the sit to get greater activation of the rectus femoris (center muscle of the quads)

Final workout completed before I step on stage in 2 days! Kept everything light and went about 60-70% but damn, it was so hard not to go ham with all these carbs coursing through my veins 😂

Really wish this pose was allowed in men's physique 🤔
Something I'd never incorporated before this prep is Karbolyn (liquid carbs) and it's a total game changer. Tastes delicious and has the absorption benefits of simple carbs, along with the sustained energy benefits of complex carbs 👌
Get yours from @powerhousenutritionlbk

Physique update 3 days out: Currently 5.3% bf at around 192lbs. Feeling pretty flat but I start carbing up tomorrow 🙌 I've done everything I can and have achieved my best physique to date, nothing more I can do but go up there and have fun.

No matter what you're doing in life guys, stop all the comparison, just do the best YOU can do.

Circuit Shredding is now up on Youtube (Link In Bio)

In this vid: 5 circuits I use to shred up, a little update on my prep, some info on pre/intra/post workout carbs, and another Gua Sha treatment.

#everydayisarmday what'd you guys hit today?!

If you haven't tried BFR (blood flow restriction) training, I definitely recommend it. I just recently started incorporating BFR training, and the pumps are crazy!
Utilizing BFR, we can create a lot of metabolic stress and cell swelling to stimulate growth while using a lot less weight. I recommend using it at the end of a workout to finish off a muscle group (I mainly use these for calves, hams/quads, or arms).
You'll want the bands to be a 7/10 tightness and wear them until all 4 sets are completed : 30, 15, 15, 15 reps (you'll probably only use 50% of the weight you typically would). Only rest 30 sec in between sets.

What if everyone felt fulfilled and interconnected, would the world be different? 🤔
I'm starting to believe that peoples judgements and attempts to belittle what others are doing, comes from their own lack of fulfillment. What do you guys think?
ALSO, If anyone ever tries to belittle what you're doing, just hit em with a flex 😂

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