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Justin Howells  πŸ’ΌGunz Up Fitness Trainer πŸ’ͺNPC Mens Physique πŸ’ŠPowerhouse Nutrition Ath. πŸ‘•@Radical.athletics Discount: JUSTIN10 πŸ™Œ6 Year Natural Transformation:


My 6 year natural transformation is now live on Youtube! Link in bio.

A huge thank you to everyone who's supported me along the way! In this video you'll see me undergo a huge physical change but so much more happened. I went from my lowest low mentally, to my all time high. Fitness gave me a purpose and I hope this video inspires you guys to work towards becoming the best version of yourselves. If some average skinny kid like me could do it, then you absolutely can!

This is the first video I've ever edited but I'm very happy with it and I'll only get better from hereπŸ‘ Shoutout to @powerhousenutritionlbk and @radicalathletics for seeing the potential in me

Happy #flexfriday You know what that means 🌞

Typically I stay 8 reps and above, very occasionally dropping down to 6 reps or lower as my main goal is aesthetics and not just how much absolute weight I can lift.

This week I hit a few exercises at 5 reps to switch it up as well as see where my strength is during this cut and I'm pretty damn sore right now. If you guys are stuck in a rut, try using a rep scheme or training technique you haven't used in a while to shock your bodyπŸ‘Œ

On that creatine from @powerhousenutritionlbk

I always start my day walking Sage (with my shirt off of course) and a cup of black coffee before I hit fasted cardio. This or any other drink that contains caffeine and zero calories can increase the amount of fat you burn during your morning cardio sessions πŸ‘

Always flexing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ In my defense though, I have to keep the guys away from this one 😍

If one more person asks me what supplements I took to get this big... I might actually lose it lol guys, when it comes to building size, it takes YEARS of hard work in the gym and consistency with nutrition, supplements should be the last thing you worry about. Next time you're thinking about quitting, just remember that it's so much easier to maintain than to try to build back up up again πŸ‘

Most people think that motivation is what gets you in the gym everyday, but that tends to only last so long. If I relied on motivation alone, I would've never gotten this far. Build discipline through routine and see success in your transformation πŸ‘Š

Whether you're bulking or cutting, HIIT cardio can have many benefits. Here's one example on how I like to go about it:
30 sec to 1 min hitting the tire as hard and as many times as I can, then I like to match my rest times with my time on, so if I hit the tire for 1 min straight I rest for one minute, but if I only hit it for 30 sec, then I only rest for 30 sec. However, if you can hit it for 1 min straight and only rest 30 sec, that's great, typically a shorter rest time is better with this type of training. Repeat anywhere from 5-15 times based on your fitness level.
One more tip: if you're doing sledge slams like I am here, keep the hammer close to your body and really focus on using your core rather than your arms or shoulders, I also switch sides every hit to get some good oblique action going on πŸ‘Œ
Shoutout to @powerhousenutritionlbk check them out guys!

1...2...3... FLEX!

8 weeks out 😈 I can't tell you how bad I want to win this one... My goal is to qualify for nationals and make it into the overall. The only way I can make this happen is by putting 100% into bringing the best package I can possibly bring, as soon as I start to think about my competitors, I've already lost. You never know who's going to show up so all you can do is bring your best, I'd say the same goes for many things in life πŸ‘Š

Happy #flexfriday guys πŸ’ͺWhat'd everyone hit today? Killed some boulders and now I'm working on my first youtube video. It'll be on why I started working out, how it progressed, and my whole transformation since I started lifting πŸ‘Š

First off, sorry about bombarding you guys with shirtless pics/vids recently, I promise it wasn't planned πŸ˜‚ but this pic is in honor of me getting a new camera with which I'll be able to start putting out higher quality content, youtube vlogs, and motivational/informational workout vids, STAY TUNED!!! Incredibly excited to start connecting with you guys more πŸ‘Š
Also head to @powerhousenutritionlbk for all your supplement needs!

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