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2 of my favorite supps right now for shredding, why?? Because they help me maintain these gainz during a hard cut 👌
Con-Cret Creatine (hcl): I recently switched to creatine hcl b/c it doesn't have to be loaded and requires a smaller, more potent dose. I use this to help me maintain strength= maintained volume= maintained muscle.
BPI BCAA's: I always sip this during fasted cardio, my workout, or anytime I can't get to food to ensure my body isn't using protein as energy. BPI also includes a CLA complex to promote increased fat oxidation.
All supps from @powerhousenutritionlbk

Don't just aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference. Once you've gotten far enough, reach back and pull someone else up 💯
@powerhousenutritionlbk with me every step of the way this prep

Try this giant set from my next video! It'll be the full upper body workout I did with a commentary covering HOW and WHY I'm hitting all these exercises, SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss it 💪
Giant Set: 3 x 12, 10, 8 reps each
Side Raises
Lying Tricep Extensions

Shredding vs. Bulking, which one are you right now?

Would've been a great pic...
At least noxygen from @powerhousenutritionlbk helped my arms swell up 😂👌

NEW YouTube video dropping tonight. If you want bigger arms, you need to watch this workout, be sure to subscribe so you don't miss it!

Many of the best things in life, start with a challenge👊 Double tap if you agree!

Don't forget to pick up some protein from @powerhousenutritionlbk today

Always cheezin when I'm with this one 🤓

Who says you can't make gainz and still be functional?! Little clip from the next vlog to come, be sure to subscribe and check it out 😁

I guess you could say arm day was a success👊

Be sure to check out my latest video if you haven't (link in bio) arm day coming next.

@powerhousenutritionlbk fueling the pumps brah

#clientspotlight huge shoutout to my first competitive client @adrenaline.fitnezz
At 42 years old he competed in the #beachbody show this past Thursday/Friday for his first competition. Out of about 250 competitors he placed top 10!!
He killed the 12 week prep and I'm incredibly proud to have had him as my first competitor, just goes to show age is just a number 👊👊

On high carb days I like to throw in 15-20 min of HIIT on top of my morning cardio sessions to make use of the extra carbs. Love the battle ropes, plus they just look cool😂

If you haven't already watched my latest vlog check it out! (Link in Bio) Recording arm day this weekend!

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