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justine mae biticon  19 yr old filipina + mexican girl from LA that models sometimes after eating ford models LA

yellow is kinda my thing now...and puppers 💛☀️(custom shoes by @majorwavez)


who is she?? who isnt she? (glasses from @mixedlemonade ❤️ as always💛)

so whats been on my mind lately is body image. my body shape seems to be one that many girls strive to have and it flatters me but also concerns me. what concerns me about this is that because of media etc. many girls are brainwashed into thinking that there is a set body shape they should be filling that is considered "beautiful". NOBODY is perfect. NOBODY has the "perfect body". everyone has different genes and sometimes some girls simply cant change their bodies because of this. this is why i believe we need to learn to put natural bodies on a pedestal. not everyone can achieve a "big butt and small waist" figure. there are girls with big butts and thick waists. there are girls with skinny waists and skinny hips. there are girls that cant say what shape they are. no matter what we need to see this as beautiful. we need to respect and love our bodies. this is a lot easier said than done because i know this from experience. i have always been skinny ever since i was a kid even to the point to where i was considered sickly skinny. i always wanted boobs and a butt. i eventually grew into a shape that took so so long to learn to love. i have said numerous times that i dont workout/diet and its bc i depend so much on my metabolism. this puts me on a rollercoaster of highs and lows with me because i can wake up super bloated or feeling bleh but in the end, i have to remember that my body is my temple. i must learn to love and care for my body. my whole point is to urge you to learn to find the confidence in your own body and not to believe the illusions of social media. the world is so ready to try and tear it down so you must find it within yourself to have the confidence to get through it proudly with your head raised high. the world doesnt determine your beauty, you do. (i know that i cannot speak for many body shapes especially curvy bodies. i understand that having the body i have, i tend to have more privileges (especially in the industry) than girls that have curvier bodies. i hope only to use this privilege to help amplify their voices in any way i possibly can.)

mr and mrs smith hollywood hills style

14 years ago and hes still the best dad ever. happy fathers day to the coolest person i know

get ya damn shoes off the bed kiddo (thank you to the beautiful @tiffanie.marie for inviting me to the @vialebeauty event she coordinate beautifully 💕)

when you just want to go to new orleans so you go to disneyland because its the closest youll ever get to it

throwback to when i was 17 wow things were a lot simpler back then and i totally took those things for granted. enjoy whatever youre doing. things get stressful but stop and take a breath. youll never experience what your going through ever again so take a minute and enjoy every second of it (especially if its ice cream)

the girl that wore her jacket in the pool

happy 19th birthday to me 💛☀️

so i went onto twitter today and so many people were nominating me for the teenchoice awards to be choicemodel and i couldnt help but get super happy at how much support people give me. i am so thankful for the people that have believed in me from the beginning and keep believing in me. im also thankful for the people that have just heard about my journey and became a believer in me and i am thankful for everyone. i hope to make you proud one day.

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