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justine mae biticon  18 yr old filipina mexican (pronounced bit-eh-con) w/ ford models LA β€’ youtube \/


no matter how far you get in life, people will always try and deny your success. theyll try to downplay your hard work by saying things about you. there is no permanent solution for this problem. people will always have things to say about you. however, this is just them self projecting their insecurities on you. people that talk behind your back are jealous. they wouldnt be talking if they didnt feel some kind of envy about you. even our moms tell us this (but when things are tough we tend to tune out our mothers ((sorry mom)). just remember that whatever you do in your life, only you know who you truly are and what youve struggled to get to where you are now. never feed into the words that get pushed towards you no matter how hungry you are. for those that dm me how to get over people talking behind your back, this is what i always try to remember. (im also featured on @highsnobiety by @arturodfwc so go ahead and read it!)

my parents could never get me cool nike stuff as a kid so little me never thought being able to model for @nike would be possible. when i used to figure skate i would dream of how i wanted to be sponsored by them. now, my photos for nike are worldwide (new york, rome, japan, etc.). older me cant even believe im apart of the nike fam and that im traveling the world because of them. now lets see whats next...

dreaming bout summer!!! (btw also my hong kong vlog link is in my bio so y'all can watch it)

dim sum 4 breakfast

last few days in πŸ‡­πŸ‡°πŸ’πŸ’˜πŸ’–(please dont make me leave) ((WEARING @oraltwink ON MY NECK TO KEEP HIM WITH ME WHEREVER I GO ❀))

bts for nike editorial in hong kong day 6 (with @_ibra80 to ruin my cute photos)

lost in hong kong

all smiles here

✨me tan and glowing for @americaneagle ✨ (highkey lovin the sun we've been getting in cali bc i love whenever i get tanner)

free 'em (also btw, i finally posted a youtube video after another 4 years w/ @lucaoriel_ click the link in my bio to be disappointed in my video skills)

im actually so happy because so many people are sending me my photos from nike store fronts and in the store in new york, chicago and even in rome!! i havent gotten to check out if any are in LA but ugh so excited for whats happening!! if you guys see me in any stores please send me pics!! (me for @highsnobiety which you can read on their website)

super excited because i booked my first international job next week! hong kong here i come :-)! if anyone has some suggestions on where to go and what to do comment below!! (yes im bringing @lucaoriel_ with me)

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