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justine mae biticon  18 yr old filipino mex girl that models sometimes after eating ford models LA


when you trying to tell someone somethin but they aint listening to you (trying to get super tan and super fit this summer)

seeing my face finally in LA all over the nike store is one of the most satisfying feelings after doing so much hard work. its crazy to know my face is all over the world right now and its funny to know that i had in fact tweeted that i wanted to be in a store front/store and wanted to be able to to take a photo with my face in an advertisement about a year ago. to be honest though, i tweeted that because i knew itd happen and id be able to prove to everyone that said i couldnt do it that i really could. (hopefully i can see my face in the front of a store soon so this goal is half achieved :) ((and yes i was yelling throughout the store, why wouldnt i be?)) (((shirt from @lovecultureofficial))))

black and white how original

ive been trying to smile more despite things that have been happening in my life and im actually starting to feel a lot better! ive started eating healthier and working out so i can get to the goals in my life that i wanna achieve and im just so happy. i hope you guys are feeling good (especially you kids in school YOU CAN DO THIS!!)

people ask me who im inspired by and my answer is always myself (besides my mother of course) . the only person i see as competition is myself. i constantly use my past experiences and mistakes as motivation to keep moving forward. theres nothing wrong with being proud of yourself like that either. just continue to improve+ love yourself and dont let anyone affect your money. (full sets of these photos are on my twitter @biticonjustine !!)

so happy to be putting out some new work even though i feel a bit rusty :-) i also realized im doing the same pose from my last photo

hope you feel good this weekend kiddos πŸ’˜

the real star is here

when youre too big to sit in the backseat 🌻

just got back from chicago and my shirt says it all


see ya mexico ill be back πŸ’˜

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