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justine mae biticon  19 yr old latina x filipina 💛 ford models LA - snagel@fordmodels.com (other: justinemaebiticon@yahoo.com)

to be honest i did not pack for san fran weather at all l o l

outtake from el otro día

a rainbow amongst the clouds

the kids

i believe that there are numerous things id like to address and not have the focus be on a picture of my face or whatnot because i actually feel very deeply for the things im about to talk about. ive lately been feeling as though there are numerous people in the world that find the need to tear another person down in order to feel better about themselves. while im always ready to say "forget about em! theyre just jealous" there is a much bigger pictre than that. you should never let negativity affect your life. you should never let it affect you and hurt others. while its easy to, especially when youre angry, dont. negative energy has a way of coming right back and hovering over you. spread the positivity in your heart. some people are ignorant and lack the ability to unveil this ignorance. sometimes, in order to be the bigger person, you must learn to deal with these kinds of people. as the great martin luther king once said, "darkness does not drive out darkness; only light can do that. hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." no matter how angry you are, remember to show that positivity. you will always win AND with grace. theres no need to make this world more hateful. do not pollute this beautiful world with your toxic words. think before you speak. listen before you act. think about how your words can affect others. nobody deserves to be unhappy. there is so much beauty in this world. cherish it. embody it. i myself am still learning to do this. only until i completely learn that there is so much more than this, that is when i will truly be happy. if you want to vent anything, please feel free to do it on this post and i hope everyone can interact and help make each other happy in a way. good morning, good night, may you prosper in every shape and form. 💗 (i really love jellyfish and how they look underwater so please enjoy these photos as well)

giving you lil lemon vibes

always watching u

a rose mid bloom 🌹

yellow is kinda my thing now...and puppers 💛☀️(custom shoes by @majorwavez)


who is she?? who isnt she? (glasses from @mixedlemonade ❤️ as always💛)

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