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Just a bit gutted to have missed this performance last night. Lucky for me that in my house of boys, the foulest stenches in the air aren’t just for Halloween and will still be there to welcome me home tonight 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️

The worst part of being pregnant for me is not the morning sickness or the cankles (those too) but how I end up sitting defeated in a pile of useless clothes on the floor every morning, broken by trying to find something to wear. I know the smart thing is to emphasise the bump rather than hide it, but unfortunately I also seem to carry a baby in my booty and another in each boob, so clingy doesn’t really work for me. Outside of just spending the next 128+ days swathed in this @ferragamo, any belly/booty/boob dressing tips are welcome (because I’ve forgotten literally everything)...

I think Michael: The Later Years would have been the scariest version, but these two win for shamoan-y cuteness 🎃 (The weirdest part is they DIDN’T EVEN PLAN THIS!) @captainandthegypsykid @haydolomo @sammywholesome

My last ever issue of ELLE Australia -with my last ever ELLE Ed’s letter - comes out tomorrow. What a strange, bittersweet feeling. Thanks for 62 cover adventures @ceeteee 💛🧡💖💜 Now I just have to wait for February and my first ever JONES...

Well, that was a bloody good time. So many words of wisdom from these women up on stage at Business Chicks 9 to Thrive. Seventeen and a half kids between us and yet every single one of us had recently showered and was wearing both shoes! Incredible!

Can’t wait to get to Brisbane today for @businesschicks #9tothrive. Apparently between the four of us on my panel we have approximately one gazillion children 🤯 so if you want to know about the juggle... maybe go somewhere else because we’re probably too exhausted to speak in full sentences. (No, definitely come!) See you there @courtneyadamo @emmaisaacs @sallyobermeder @elkszone
📸 @oraclefox for @hm back in the days before my boobs hit my chin

Talk about being in the company of some excellent women! I’ll be up in Brissie shooting the breeze with some of this lot at Business Chicks #9tothrive next Saturday. Last year @sophiecachia_ had me discussing pubic hair in front a crowd that included my new mother-in-law, so I can’t wait to see where it goes this time 😬 Use the code #9TTFRIENDS for 20% off tickets.

So full of love at the idea that finally someone in this house will have a bedtime earlier than his 💙

Noisy, messy, chaotic, fighting, crazy, exhausting, perfect love 🖤 Thanks to @thedesignfiles for braving a visit to the madhouse!

The magazine industry is challenged. (Also, the sky is blue.) But this week I’ve stepped into what just might be the dream role right now for an editor: helming the David Jones magazine Jones. You don’t have to go into a supermarket or newsagent to buy it (although you can) - it’s sent straight to the letterbox of lots of people who love fashion, or you can pick it up in store (when you’re shopping for clothes rather than tinned tomatoes, which makes SO MUCH SENSE). I have HUGE plans for the magazine, although my first issue won’t be out until February so we’ll all have to cool our jets, but I promise the wait will be worth it. Here I am celebrating with my new work wife @victorialee at the opening of the mind-blowing new shoe floor at DJs Elizabeth St, which opens today, just in time to get me excited in all the right ways about my new gig 👠👡👞👟👢😍

I’m not crying, you’re crying. (Disclaimer: we were all crying.) What an incredible 1,985 days with this most loveable and talented motley crew 🖤🖤🖤 (Missing @rachelwayman @amy_starr @genevra_leek @lauraculbert 😭)

Last day ever at ELLE 😢 and mag leaving tradition on roids. Good to know for sure that I can NEVER be a blonde. Team ELLE... never has a work family been loved more ❤️

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