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Justine Chantelle  ✂ @doroteesweetlips Lolita fashion Ethical and Sustainable fashion Kawaii Culture Youtube.com/justinechantelle MNL, PH

Ahhh January has been crazy busy. I just finished my collection to be showcased at the Lolita Fashion Show at Mata Expo 2019! (Look for Mata Expo 2019 event page on Facebook for more details) This is the shoot from last week with THE Kat Taylor of the local rock band Saydie! She is wearing my work @doroteesweetlips . Can't wait to reveal my latest collections with you guys!
Venue: The Pastry Kitten Bakeshop
Photo: Jionor Verona

My kawaii planner spread for this week. I finally was able to use the My Melody stationery I got from Mcdo Happy Meal a long time ago 🎀 I think I'm also getting the hang of setting realistic goals for myself. The past years I would write down so many tasks for myself that is more than I can chew. It makes me feel unaccomplished when I can't finish them within the period. Also, I learned that I accomplish more by prioritizing what really gives value to my life/work. Busyness = / = productivity.

My last artwork was from 2017. :(( I've been wanting to make art again. I hope I get to do it this 2019.

I can't believe it's been almost a year since our Dessert Museum meet omg.

Back from the holiday ashes! December was W I L D as my events were back to back + surge of business transactions. Catching up on content and I just posted a video from Christmas eve. Please watch, like and subscribe: http://youtube.com/justinechantelle 
How is your 2019 going?

Slowly winding down as Christmas draws near. It's always my goal to make time for unique experiences and memories with my family for any special day. For Christmas eve, we will celebrate creativity by creating together and we are going to freeze the memory with a vlog! It's gonna be kawaii of course. ☺️🎀

Yoooo still alive *kinda* It has been a VERY (capslock because that it how intense this is) busy December for me juggling on events, online shop duties (omg everyone is rushing so I needed to put in extra effort to fulfill their requests). I am very much tempted to drop everything and rest early for the holidays but I know my guilt will haunt me so.. yep. How's your holidays going, guys?

Collar bone game strong 😂
My hime lolita coord for this year's International Lolita Day. This dress from secret honey is my winter ILD uniform 😂 *see previous post to know why*
Thank you so much Le Petit Souffle for accomodating us! 😊 📷 @mayipuffs

Happy International Lolita Day! This photo is from last year's ILD and for our comm's event later, I will be wearing the same main piece again but with a different styling. It's going to be my 3rd year wearing this dress for winter ILD hehe. :)

Throwback to 2014 when I was still 7 months pregnant with Beau.

2018 is almost over. A lot of my 2018 goals didn't manifest as expected but that's okay. As long as there is progress, there is growth. And I really think as humans there is really no such thing as the ceiling(?). As we achieve things, we just crave for more experiences, more learning. I mean why not? With the endless possibilities life can offer in this limited lifetime? I think regret is a state I am most afraid of. I realized death is not so scary. Dying but full of regrets is.

Rare times I wear a wig. Photo from last year's Mata Expo!  Mata Expo is coming to Manila once again this 2019 and my team is working hard to bring you a cool jculture experience. Stay tuned for more details!

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