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can y'all stop being all over my girlfriend now that she snapped. btw we have the same tattoo talk about GOALS.

ew guys are so annoying and immature they'll do/say anything to get in your pants and if you're naive you'll fall for their sweet talk ugh manipulative fuckboys i just confronted this dude and he got so mad i called him out he called me names.... disgusting demonic creatures

bruh I feel so attacked right now. I gotta share this totally unimportant piece of information with you. so I was just studying peacefully in the library, goin thru my one thousand-paged books, drinking and savoring my warm overly-sugared coffee and the librarian appears outta nowhere, bangs her hands on my desk and YELLS AT ME "WHAT DO U THINK UR DOING YOUNG LADY !!!!!!! " I freaking startled and almost choked I was like w-what am I doing...? and she was like YOU! CANT! DRINK! COFFEE! IN! HERE! and I was like phew... Jesus I felt like I was gonna be arrested for first degree murder or somethin. I just said OKAY MA'Am NO WORRIES?? and went out to drink my coffee. she didn't have to be so extra oooooof her shrieks will haunt me eternally she could've just come up and nicely ask me to put my coffee away nd not traumatize me

people are so rude for no reason, when it costs 0 to be nice idgi i encounter rude ppl all the time and i wonder if they can ever just CHILL. bein rude takes ur energy. and these ppl usually treat other people like they're inferior to them? i usually just roll my eyes and don't bother bc if i get pressed I'll waste MY energy when they ain't worth it

those of u girls who are comparing selena and hailey, basically body shaming them, or saying which one was BETTER (as if you were the one dating them) you're truly disgusting and the world sucks bc of people like you nd you should be ashamed of ur futile existence.

no offense but couples that are together all the time.. go everywhere together... do everything together.... can't stand a minute without one another. I'm sorry but I don't find that healthy and cute? it's like you're not even your own person anymore idgi

istg i can't focus/study if i don't drink at least 3 espressoS

i either dream about being viciously killed nd then being eaten by cannibals or meeting the love of my life and having the time of my life

i just got another tattoo and the girl that was tattoing me was like really young maybe 20 so she was a beginner and I let her practice on me but i think it turned out rly nice I love it, it's a line from one of my favorite poems. (and yes btw it hurt)

i remember me and my ex girlfriend being SO IN LOVE we got engaged online. we should've made an online wedding as well. i was such a fool. embarrassing. awkward. cringeworthy

agh my cute baby getting his hair trimmed. sosososo much love

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