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I don't think I'll be using this acc much considering I'm over Justin so follow my spam if u like @laterselio

random urge to dye my hair black spontaneous me back at it again

anyway I'm going to listen to queen's jazz album

my neighbors are having a bonfire and they're playing disturbingly loud music that its not particularly my style it's 11pm I want my peace and quiet. and yuh my headphones aren't helping

about to go see papillon I honestly hope it's not a wasted remake cause I'll be PISSED and can't wait to see rami in 3D I can already feel the butterflies

I was just peacefully laying in bed with the tv on and suddenly I hear a familiar disturbingly omnious sound coming from the tv I realize it's insidious and I'm too scared to reach the remote and change the channel so I hide under my blankets and pray the evil doesnt come for me

I want salted sticks and a screwdriver vodka

I'm ashamed of the amount of chocolate I've had today.

my tattoos are starting to fade and I'm not rich enough to get touch ups

I suddenly want a cute gf I can do cute things with

happy new year y'alllll I'm drinking pina colada and eating russian salad I love this year already

I just NAILED my exam

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