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sad to announce I won't be involved in the drama that's going on with Justin. y'all are too much I don't have the nerves. have fun dragging each other

I wanna write an inappropriate caption regarding this insanely gorgeous photo but I'll just hold back cuz I don't wanna make ur eyes hurt

rachel probably took this pic

love the people who call themselves "stans" or fans whatever when they're only around when their idol releases new shit, or when smth exciting happens or when they cut their hair and finally dress nice. just saying. u fake

it's unhealthy how much I think about suicide

love how people hardly take hints when someone says they're feeling depressed or casually says "i wanna die, i'm gonna kill myself" they go like "omg me too" or like "haha same" this is some serious shit that you should spread awareness about, not mock it and say it outta the blue.

I'd do about anything to have pizza right now... you've no idea

can we talk about his fucking outfit

yo my relatives from australia just arrived and they deadass bought me some justin stickers AKSKDJDJ I APPRECIATE THE EFFORT

I wanna date an emo guy with dyed hair who has tattoos nd piercings and dresses all black everything oooooooffffffffffffffff find me one

why is nobody paying attention to me Ugh fucking LOSERS

bruh I'm deaf again ... pls no more hospitals

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