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teo  i was so lost until you found me


so the night before the surgery I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything but I made sure to eat a lot of chocolate beforehand cause I'm a junkie but anyway they woke me up at 7am for the surgery, and of course I had to be naked which wasn't even uncomfortable anymore, I was in my pjs but I had to take them off but they were so cute with a teddy bear I thought I was at least goin to be decently dressed for the surgery but oh never mind. anyway so they gave me valium so I calm down and not panic but I wasn't stressed at all man, I felt so calm and at peace? once they took me to the operating room there were like minimum 10 doctors I'm telling you... and there was jolly music. they're all asking me questions are you ok are you this are you that and I told them I'm not afraid and they're like "we know we know" and because they needed to do general anesthesia (meaning I'm completely asleep) I had to like breath into this airway mask thing (LMA) and I didn't even know, I just passed out like that. I don't remember anything. I just remember everything spinning and my doc repeatedly saying "teo teo teo" until the sound faded. the surgery lasted for 4 hours and when I woke up, dude I.. the first thing I felt was severe cold. I was shaking like a motherfucker. I was pretty aware of what's going on but I could hardly open my eyes and mouth for 3 whole days. and yes, there was so much pain I had a few mild breakdowns and they couldn't give me much pain medications cause of possible blockage of the blood cells. I couldn't sleep at all. I couldn't eat anything. I could hardly swallow a drop of water and I was so thirsty there's nothing more annoying than that. I'm only breathing through my mouth cause my whole face is packed and I had tampons all the way up in my nose which they took off yesterday and the pain was freaking insane. I cried a lil, well that's ok right? since the tampons are off I can breathe so much better it's such a relief but I've black eyes and my whole face is puffy and swollen which will probably go down in a few months as I recall. but yep.. that was the process. it was so uncomfortable and painful. now's recovery time HOORAY

I'm so bored rn this hospital is so depressive but funny at the same time the nurses are hilarious they came to me panicking like "what is that... be careful" and I'm like it's just a.. toy? it's 6 days post-op and I'm finally able to talk I couldn't even open my eyes and mouth I'm so swollen but thankfully the pain is slowly decreasing. I'm so bored frickity frack I asked if they can let me out sooner but I have to stay cause of infusion and therapy and yep I'm with two other girls in the room and they're super nice so yea we bein emo here

ok guys tomorrow I've a surgery and I'm stressing a little bit and they'll keep me in the hospital for a few weeks I just finished packing so idk if I'll be able to post but don't think that I died K. wish me luck. I'll miss justin and y'all I hope everything goes fine. bye for now guys 😔

can you sext in your dm rather than the comment section u nasty

if they happy then I'm happy I ain't fuckin witchu

I remember listening to the purpose album for the first time and it definitely doesn't feel like 2 years ago yikes

you guys shouldn't get pressed bout the ema awards, they're simply rigged as heck and they're voted by people on the internet and they don't determine whether a certain artist is great? I don't know which award show is serious nowadays, not even the grammys. if you don't attend you don't win. it's literally made for entertainment do you really think they care if justin's more talented than shawn or if we're biggest fans ???? they a joke

wow collateral beauty is such a beautiful sad inspiring movie I'm gonna be shook for 7 years now I just

ur girl just woke up from a nap and she feels AWESOME

you bitchin but you don't know you're fucking my ex girl have fun

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