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J.L. Duenas  #AsSheWas is now available for purchase. Click link. Co-Founder: @queencartel_ All things art: @jd.soulexposure Email: justinaduenasart@gmail.com ⚢

Happy birthday mama. I love you.

Focus more on what you do have and less on what you don’t have. ❤️

Baby ❤️

Out here #catfishing 😈

Meet Soul. She got rescued and needs a good home. Hit up @natzmusic

Bookmarks for the Ladies who order my book. 😌

your smile darling,
convinces me that love still exists.
#Mirror #OneLine #AsSheWas

Star Theatre is eerily beautiful. Backstage was a wonderland.

she uncovered my darkest secrets,
peeling back layers one by one.
she felt the heat emanating from my love.
as she placed her lips upon my fears;
she dug deep to claw each demon from within my soul... #ONE #EXCERPT

Read the rest in #AsSheWas. Now available for purchase through my website. 😌 Link in bio.

These past couple weeks have been challenging, overwhelming, frustrating, and most of all EXHAUSTING. I can’t tell you how many times I wished there were more hours in the day. Or how I wished I actually used my calendar. Or how I loved but hated my job at the same time. How I felt so much was getting in the way of what I ultimately needed to do....or THOUGHT I needed to do. However, because of these challenges, my will to pursue my passions and purpose in life has strengthen. The biggest blessing from all this chaos though is understanding that personal freedom is not about doing whatever it is you want. It’s doing what is necessary so that you can do whatever you want. Freedom requires discipline. It sounds a bit like an oxymoron but as I’ve grown, I’ve come to realize nothing is bad, nothing is good. Nothing is positive. Nothing is negative. Everything has a divine purpose. So heal from the past, embrace the present, and hope to create a future for yourself in love and prosperity. #happymonday

I did something WAYYYYY out of my comfort zone Saturday night. I’m no singer and I’m no rapper but I love writing songs. Fun fact: all my spoken word pieces started as songs first but my wussyass turned them into poems. Thank you @flyella_official for being my singer. If you guys wanna see the full performance (or her performance too) go to @flyella_official page, she has the whole performance posted. S/O to @pridebythebeach for having us! Also S/O to Star Theatre for allowing us to have the first queer show ever there.

By the way, I got the beat from YouTube. Not sure if it’s some kind of infringement but I DID NOT record with it, if that makes it any better. But credits to @thaibeatsnet I appreciate your sound.

Feeling this little jumpsuit and Pumas. Star theatre tonight y’all! Wish me luck! 😘

“Her nakedness
Is not her bare flesh,
Or the bones beneath,
Or the heart that beats;
But the soul
That goes unseen.
Understand she is a paradox that can’t be understood, but never stop trying.”

Wrote a cool little message for the men who purchased my book. ☺️

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