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Justin Thomas  BS, MS(c) Exercise Physiology UIllinois at Urbana-Champaign Nutritional interventionist🍜 📧jtparel2@gmail.com Training diary, musings and reflections

Despite the physical transformation, I think I'll still always be proud of the fact that my formative years included lots of awkward moments with girls, playing punk music with my best friends (@swordxswallower), late night shitty diner food, and a lot of pairs of skinny jeans. Some things never change though - I don't care if I'm 80lbs heavier, they're gonna have to pry my skinny jeans from my cold dead hands 😂

Actually had some smooth deadlifts today. The boss-man says I need to open my hand position (thanks @aydin_tsa), but for the most part, pretty happy with today's work!

Paused 275x3 went flying today 🎉 shouts out again to @fitness_iq for all the dope cueing advice he's been putting out recently. Super helpful!

Step 1: retract and depress scapula; pull lats into back pocket
Step 2: pull through elbows toward hips
Step 3: move face out of the way of bar, avoid opening hip angle and turning pulldown into row
Step 4: incorporate vertical pulls regularly for 8 years and build appreciable latissimus dorsi

I may be doing this whole powerlifting thing now, but my quads are sponging all the leg work up. Probably the largest they've ever been at this point, but I definitely won't complain - it's a pretty good problem to have.
Aside from that, form is improving. Not a huge fan of the whole high-bar thing, but they're not so ugly at least ;) been taking a lot of cues from my dude @fitness_iq recently, which has been quite helpful! 8 weeks before we try this powerlifting thing out for the first time :p

Candid moment doing some form critiquing this morning with the @fitbodyphysique crew. Always a pleasure catching up with old friends :) ---
📸: @femfitfoodie

When your 275x3 pause bench looks simple :) today is a good day.

Pendlay Rows w/ 215lbs looking more like Pendejo Rows today with the hips and thorax moving a bit more than ideal; albeit very fast today. Whatevz, I feel good and I can live with it!

When your friends let you join their powerlifting club, so you go and ruin the shirt they gave you to show your appreciation

Probably was a little too ambitious on paused squats today for this top set, seeing as how the pause was essentially non-existent. Watching video playback, I realize they went from "slow tempo" cadence on reps 1-3 to "get the fucking rep" on 4-5 😂 whatever. Body feeling awesome today, so I'll take it anyways ;)

395x3 = butter

Squats have been feeling a bit "off" recently in terms of how the movement feels as a whole for me. Today's paused squats were a great opportunity for me to be able to practice technique, particularly with my breathing and bracing - both of which I have been off my game with the past few sessions. I really made sure each repetition was deliberate and that I was practicing my repeatability between sets, so my hope is that today's "recalibration," if you will, will carry over to later training sessions. In any case, happy to be under the bar no matter the circumstance - at the end of the day, all I want is to know I kept the fire lit 😊

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