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Justin Haugen  Fearless Photographer. Weddings and portraits are my passion. Serving Tucson, Phoenix and available to travel. Join my photo group on FB.


Everybody just wants somebody to look at them a special way

If you love somebody. Kiss em

Today was a good ass day! Ate live octopus 🐙 for the first time and did some shopping around Seoul. Even got to check out the Pixar exhibit at DDP. Thanks for showing me around @hushmama !
#Seoul #travel #southKorea #Korea

A little natural light with @sophee_1211

Golden hour in Seoul @sophee_1211 
#🎎 #📷#Korea #Seoul #seoulmodel

Great session in Seoul with @sophee_1211
#🎎 #📷#Korea #Seoul #seoulmodel #pangyo

nice people in nice places, thank you @mii_chan_ambient !

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You've probably seen me mention the words MagMod on most of my photography. It's a system of modifiers for flash photography equipment that allows me to switch in and out of different modifiers in a fast and efficient way.

I'm a MagMod Ambassador/VIP and our community of photographers has grown to over 20,000 members. To commemorate this, MagMod has shared a blog post featuring my work along with some other very talented photographers with brief explanations on how we use the gear to communicate our creative vision. In the blog you can join the community and sign up for the newsletter to receive updates on new products and specials.

Read the blog post here: http://magmod.co/gcOPd

The reason I love working with MagMod is that it allows me to shoot a variety of unique looks for my clients. I can change in and out of the system of modifiers quickly and confidently so that I'm spending more time focusing on my clients and my photos, and less time fumbling with clumsy modifiers and equipment setup.

Committing to this system the past 2 years has allowed me to realize a signature style in my photography that was absent before. Practicing with every mod has given me a deeper understanding of light and how to shape it for my creative purposes.

Use coupon code: haugen on the MagMod website for a small discount.

@mikmaan and I were taking in the sights at Gyeongbokgung Palace today and I met these really nice girls from Japan who are having tea 🍵. I offered to take their photos around the palace grounds and we got some awesome photos! 🎎📷 #Korea #gyeongbokgung #Seoul #Japan #Japanese #hanbok

Too kind Tokyo #Tokyo #Japan #photography

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