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About last weekend with @marjamalina

-RESPECT- This user published an image I made with Ima, without our consent. At least, they tagged us both. They should have asked before using my image without permission, but this is how it goes nowadays, sadly. People think they have the right to use any content without asking, just because it is online. This is not only wrong but also could raise legal issues. I talked to Ima on the phone. Her thoughts and how she felt about it was important to me. And altough we felt our image did not fit quite well among the other images and the mood in the feed, we decided to let things stay as they were. Until today, when I came back to read all the comments on the image. Things like "a cuatro patas", (on all fours), or "a comer, la mesa está servida" (let´s eat, the food is on the table) were written about the image. What is really disgusting, is that these comments received likes from the profile itself. So this user is encouring to treat women like objects. I cannot accept this. Be more gentle. You HAVE to ask if you may use others work for free. But most importantly: RESPECT the model. I do care about my work and my models. This is a no-go, zero tolerance for me, GAME OVER.

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