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hello friends, it's admin. long time no see, right? well, life has completely taken me by the balls as of late, and i can't manage any of my fanpages, as you all can tell. like, at all. so for anyone who's interested in taking up this account (for good or whatever is cool with you), let me know! in the meantime, i'll be rereading harry potter and crying under the stack of homework i refuse to do.
love y'all!

yassss white girl edits
Noiz is bae <3
Umm. Yeah. I have nothing clever to say so I'll leave it at this~

This doesn't even make sense oh god I am so sorry for making this //isn't funny
I made this last night as I was basically having a party of one thinking I wouldn't have school today because of ice. Lol. Guess who has school today and didn't finish 90% of her homework-
Anyway the friendzone is harsh Koujaku but it's ok you'll always have me c:
//probably deleting later

For those of you who don't know what mpreg is: it's ok. Just. Stay innocent please
I can't tell you how many fanfictions I've read were ruined because of shitty mpreg plotlines oh god
I was very inspired today, 3 posts damn. I'm trying to figure out a new style since the app I use got a major update and there are like 5 billion more fonts to choose from c': Ugh pointless late night rants
(Also I was really pumped that Super Lovers was finally updated hhh but I still had to go back and reread at least 5 chapters earlier to remember what the hell was going on)
Ok done. Goodnight lovelies💕

No I am not procrastinating from making my physical map of Europe
That was technically due a week ago
Pls have freezing rain tonight texas I will love you forever
Anyway. Official art kills me with all fandoms. Especially the Free fandom and Kuroko no Basuke fandom c:
Also Nai is a cutie<3

Yuzuru Hanyu tho
My friend and I just ranted for an hour about how we would die for a figure skating anime
/gay figure skating anime/
It would rival Free
I can feel it in my bones
My fujoshi senses are tingling
/make the anime/

Midorima and Takao give me a lot of feelings ok

Ugh I'm a horrible person
There isn't much else to say, really
Well, other than that if you haven't watched Ookiku Furikabutte you are missing out on such adorable gay o k b y e c':

Ahhh hello lovelies ~
Gotta love them seme/ukes with alter egossss
Lots of things have been going on lately it's so hard to keep up xD
Well if anyone is interested, I've recently downloaded Togainu no Chi onto my laptop and it's addicting af. I'm pretty sure I like it even more than DMMd even though TnC is a lot older ^^' IM A SADIST IM SORRY
I can't wait for the Haikyuu anime to come out and will probably make irrelevant posts about every episode because I'm a fucking volleyball nerd I'm sorreh
Thank y'all again for putting up with me c:

And you'd be lying to yourself
And lying is bad
So don't even try u_u
Anyways. Who would be uke? Left Levi or Right Levi?
//whispers I vote right Levi *u*

Its the other admin agaaain! ouo
Anyone watches Yowamushi Pedal?
If you do, you should know these two *^*)/ Take a guess! XD
Rival OTPs OuO
Hot and firery on the outside, but fluffy when they're alone together. //shot - @/shizumeno -
#imanaru #lovelies #yowamushipedal #yowapeda #edit #anime #manga #yaoi #bl #fluff

Getting invited to your OTP's wedding ~
Because who wouldn't want to be invited to Eren and Levi's wedding smh

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