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My headdress from last night is killing it on Amtrak right now. #traintravelling #amtrakgram somewhere between #texas and #arizona

"When I was growing up, I dreamed about becoming a cowgirl, a detective, a spy, a great actress, or a ballerina. Not a dentist, like my father, or a homemaker, like my mother - and certainly not a writer, although I always loved to read." Judy Blume
📸 by @machetebangbang

"Most art is fragile and some should be placed and never moved away." Donald Judd
Gaze by @machetebangbang
Headdress by @coco_coquette
Vid by me.

There's something special about Mexican coke.

Marfa, Texas. Haven't even been here 24 hours and already so in love with you. ❣️ @officialmarfafilmfestival @machetebangbang @charliescovill

I recently found myself in an internet wormhole looking at photos of the late singer Selena, and JLo in her breakout role playing her, and I realized high-waisted shorts and big belts are slimming AND you can still eat pizza because it's all tucked in. #bignews #bidibidibombom #procrastinating

Last night I told a group of strangers about my past in beauty pageants. It was The Moth, and I got picked to tell a story! (thanks to @ebschiller signing me up because I was late because I'm always laaaaaate). The theme was "Beauty" and here are the highlights of my story: ⚡️There's an urban legend in pageants about the girl whose onstage question was "Who do you most want to meet, dead or alive?" And she blanked and answered "Definitely alive!" In other words, being a beauty pageant contest is perhaps the most vilified, misunderstood thing a woman can do in modern culture. I was one of those women. From age 17-24. An adult decision. ⚡️But it was one of the most empowering, positive experiences of my life. And I won. More than once. Because your highest and lowest scores are thrown out, which means because I was strongly mediocre, I won. I was consistently whelming. ⚡️My mom never wanted me to do pageants, but it ended up being a way we bonded, driving to rehearsals and dress shopping. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was something we did to get our minds of chemo and the heaviness of her condition. ⚡️other stuff other stuff ⚡️Act 2 where I shared details and anecdotes, to be honest my story lost steam here. I always spend too much time on the set-up.⚡️more stuff about not having a tragic life story and it kept me from winning the ultimate crown ... then I connected this to my moms illness but what's the line between catharsis and exploitation? So I never talked about it in pageants.
⚡️When she passed away, I still felt I couldn't "use" her death to "get ahead." I did move back from New Zealand to do one last pageant, Miss Las Vegas, before I aged out. But I lost to a deaf Cher impersonator / flutist. ⚡️Then I kinda didn't know how to connect it so I said something like "When I look back, the times I felt beautiful weren't having a crown put on my head, but the times I shared with my mom, that in the last year of her life we had something fun we shared."
⚡️⚡️ I got good scores!! And hope beyond hope that someday sharing my stories and writing will actually be my job. 🙏 #themoth #storyteller #futuredreams ⚡️⚡️@mothstories

I made this yesterday. Happy Fourth of July. 💥

Shot and edited on an iPhone 6 by me. Poem "The Laughing Heart" by Charles Bukowski, by way of a Levi's "Go Forth" ad I've always loved.
#fireworks #foundfootage #diyfilmmaking #thisissummer #travelfilm #travelphotography #summer #roadtrip #bukowski

Beth is back. Before she was Machete Bang Bang, she was Beth and she had a shaved head. We were 15, and when we met she had a full head of auburn hair. Later that summer, I saw her in Port of Subs with her dad and it was shaved. I thought she was dying of leukemia or cancer. So I decided to force my friendship upon her, the poor dying girl. When she was aloof I thought she was trying not to get too close to anyone since she was sick. Really she was just the girl who shaved her head because that's what 15 year-olds do in small towns (yeah right). And now she's back, shaved again. Hi Beth. 👋

This is the trailer we never released to a movie we never finished writing. It was 5 years ago, and we wanted to make a love letter to Sayulita, Mexico, where Beth's family had a house. She'd been taking me since we were 15, she'd been going even longer. The film's theme was about running away, literally and metaphorically. Our characters were living an idyllic expatriate life in Mexico, but discovering that even paradise has its trappings. We wrote dozens of pages and outlines, but the script just never came together. We couldn't crack it. There was a foreboding about "commodifying" our friendship, and the town we loved so much. Maybe it was meant to be a lesson in the creative process, that some stories just aren't meant to exist on the page. Her family has since sold the house, and anyway Sayulita has been quite "discovered" by now. Vaya con dios, movie that never was. Thank you @machetebangbang for putting this edit together. All the way to Pluto and back. 💫

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