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  💍Engaged to a NYorker Chef who calls her beautiful like it's her name❣

Flying to my fiancé. ✈️💏🗽 #backhome #happygirl #nyc #harlem


Breakfast Darling



Hello Scotland! ☔️

03.03.16 #fbf to the night he proposed. Long distance relationships might be tough and heartbreaking but absence sharpens love and presence strengthens it! Thank you @byrongomez for that look in your eyes that reminds me that I am yours. It reminds me of my connection with you, and that through it all, you really and truly see me. I love you. #thebestisyettocome #truelove #almosthusbandandwife #nyc

Early morning 🕊 #paris

#Repost @idillionaire
Just chill out. You don't need to stress yourself about things you can't control. Being impatient is the cause of overthinking and negative thoughts. Once you put in the energy, allow the time for fruition. You no longer have to rush and fill yourself with anxiety. I know you want the results so fast, but timing is everything. That thing you want, that goal you want to reach, and those places you want to get to, will eventually happen. Everything will align itself for you. You don't need to worry anymore. You just need to be a little patient, a bit trusting, and more confident that you'll receive all that your heart asks for. I don't want you to give up. I know you've been trying. All the little efforts that you've been putting in will pay off big. You might not see it now, but you will be surprised how much what you're doing this moment will pay off. In the meantime m, be gentle with yourself; great things are coming for you.

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