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Bill Blampied  @billblampied.art Art InstAgrAm. PAlimpsest. “DroppeD out, then I put a pADDock on my wrist (brr)” - R. Mutt, 1917

7:45 X Devulges hugely confiDentiAl informAtion About tAkeover.

Til 8:20 We Are going to hAve a nude DA[DA]y toDA[DA]y. We were cooking bAcon and eggs. The girls sAiD no DAD[A] this is too much. They were in year 5.

8:55 GAy mAn stAnDs silently in corner AnD tAkes photos with iPhone. LAnDscApe AnD portrAit. UnexplAineD invitAtion, minimAl contribution.

X 9:04. 1. Where is the gin. 2. There is too much rose in this fridge

9:51 Jocelyn Flores plAys AnD now I’m sAD



NAture speAks to us not in A rAtionAl wAy but through the intuition of our Deepest being. #clandestinebillcaptions

You hAve to feeD the geese to get the blooD flowing #clandestinebillcaptions

It sounDs like I’m in A northern beAches linen shop. #clandestinebillcaptions

My chAin, my pAnts, my pAnts with the chAin #clandestinebillcaptions

Explosion in A shingles fActory

An unDerstanDing of Alchemy lends insight into Bosch’s GArDen of EArthly Delights, 1503-15. If Alchemy hAs the potentiAl to heAl the rift between god AnD mAn by creAting bAlAnce on eArth, this work represents Different stAges of trAnsmutAtion.

The first pAnel represents AlchemicAl conjugAtion, the combining of two substAnces, occurs as ADA[DA]m meets Eve in the gArDen of EAen.

The next pAnel cAn be interpreteD As the fermentAtion stAge. When the two opposeD elements (ADA[DA]m and Eve) combine, they emit A gAs, birDs in Bosch’s pAinting. All of the inter species and inter-substAnce integrAtions suggest complex AlchemicAl relAtionships.
The third pAnel can be compAred to the AlchemicAl putrefAction- blAckness, shrivelling heAt and hellfire imAgery Also AssociAted with hell.

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OrnAment is a crime #clandestinebillcaptions

She’s hAD her fork in thAt tiny piece of white fish since you were in yeAr five #clandestinebillcaptions

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