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LALALA-LAUREN!  YO, mʏ n⍺ʍϵ is L⍺urℯᴎ - i'm NOT Justin..✨ But follow Bieber pictures!!💋 kɪϰ ɱɛ: ʝustƁiebzy.💥

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Boston and anyone else affected in the world by unnecessary violence. The world is a sad and corrupted place. Why do we kill and hate against our own kind? Life is a short experience for everyone, let people live and enjoy it don't take people's life from them for nothing just to make a stupid point. Get a grip, THIS MUST STOP. #StandUp

D'awe my babaaay!


I'm working early tomorrow, night everyone!

Aw just found an old screenie I took on my old old iPod of Justin making it to 4 million followers on Twitter haha! #cute

#Myedit || Watching Chicken Little haha 🐔!!

The AATW video is awesome but DJ Tay James making those "Ah yea's" in the background constantly is annoying lol! Apart from that Justin is perfect .. He's always perfect.

Fanbases fight on Twitter: Meanwhile, Justin's like ...

Lol. Obvs it's fake but he loves da chicken!

Wow I try to be nice and help people out and all they can do is be rude. Well okay then. Cool. I've learned my lesson.

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