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Does your custodian hate #alternativeseating ? Do they hate wobble stools because they grind all of the crayons and pencils into the floor while ripping off the wax? If so, just grab a rubber mat that you can buy in a pack from Costco or Walmart. You can also ask carpet stores for remnants. Pop it right underneath and the student won't damage the floors under the wobble stool. #teachertips #flexibleseating

ALL of my #bulletinboard letters are 50% off!! Grab them now so you can get a head start on next year's decorating!!! bit.ly/japgcatbb

Just printed five more of these today. I love to be an #organizedteacher - what is one thing you do to keep your #classroom organized during #guidedreading? http://bit.ly/japgmagneticletters

@lifeloveandteachingbono is sending her kids off with my bubble tag. So adorable. Love the twine. the bubbles are Walmart. 6 for $3.88. The editable tag is at bit.ly/japggift

Who buys a book based on the cover?!?! 🙋🏼 Just got this book in my scholastic order (blindly ordered it thinking it was a writing mentor text) and now I know what to use it for. Love this sweet little craft @applesandabcs made to go with it!!! Thanks for saving me from judging a book by its cover incorrectly.

Love how @tleigh87 used my editable name tags all year as a work display then easily popped them on end of the year buckets. bit.ly/japgnametags

Today was our first full day with both functioning backpack cabinets. I had 18/23 students pack a lunch and 20 had snack. 12 backpacks per cabinet. One full shelf in each held lunch bags and snacks. It went AMAZINGLY. The shelves holding snacks and lunches got us to lunch in a snap. I didn't see one damn backpack ALL.DAY.LONG IT WAS GLORIOUS. click the link in my profile for the affiliate link to grab these!!! https://www.amazon.com/Sterilite-01423V01-Cabinet-Handles-1-Pack/dp/B01H48094C/ref=as_sl_pc_qf_sp_asin_til?tag=jusaprigir-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=e7ce4af49c733273fd22101d13603789&creativeASIN=B01H48094C

I've taken all my content read aloud books out of these cabinets and now they are going to be built in lockers. Each has 5 shelves. I will only use 4 shelves in each. I can fit 3 backpacks with thick jackets inside. So 2 give me 24 student backpacks. Each will have a leftover shelf. That shelf will hold snacks. I can't wait to see how it goes tomorrow. We don't have lockers or a place for them to go in my school. The bags all over the floor made me mental. Test day one on Friday with one cabinet went good so tomorrow should be amazing. Stay tuned!! #teacherstorage #organizedteacher #classroomtipsandtricks

Sunday Super Sale- Get ready to prep your library!! This system has made it that I've spent ZERO minutes fixing my library this year!! There are almost 200 labels, editable, three ways for students to return books correctly, links to easily find images if you want actual book covers, VERY ink friendly so there is no waste. Did I mention they fit in the target pouches AND come in white background too?!?! Shop them at http://bit.ly/libraryjapg

Celebrating a late Mothers Day with this guy. He's tolerating an IKEA trip!!! Yay! #buyALLthethings #wecoordinatenicely #heartthisman #isalcoholallowedhere #noseriously

When you've got more gaps than teeth up front. Tooth number 8 is gone. #helookslikenodavid #heytherebraces #startsaving #reidpatrickhackergrowingup

With 14 days left, I switched my entire room around. I still have more to purge and move but I love that I can see and use my bulletin board again. Wait until Thursday when it's all finished!!! #thenihaveto packitallup #everythinggoesinthehallway #ifwehadbuildinfurniturethiswouldnthappen #teacherproblems #organizedteacher

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