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Aly  MomπŸ’™ Wife πŸ’‹ Frenchie Owner 🐾Firstie Teacher🍎 Entrepreneur πŸ’‘Fashion Enthusiast πŸ‘’ Friend 😊 Find me at justaprimarygirl.com


My two favorite first day of school #readaloudbooks Wanda's First Day is about fitting in even when you think you don't. Great message. A Very Full Morning is about being nervous on the first day...turns out- it's the teacher that's nervous. I read full morning first then Wanda's before lunch. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»#firstyearteacheradvice #ilovepicturebooks #picturebooks

Are you new to first or new to primary grades? Comment below what your biggest question is about your first year in primary?? Half off for a bit- I have the perfect pack for you. This 130 page pack will give you what to expect in k-2, forms, activities etc. scroll to see some of what's included grab it at http://bit.ly/japgfirstweek #primaryteacher #teacherproblems #firstyearteacher #newteacher

Time to do my easy prep my #guidedreading binders for next year. First year prep takes time but then it's done forever. All I need to do is copy all my sticky notes for #sightwordpractice in advance (25 pages) and I make 9 weeks of conference stickies in advance (approx 45 pages) . I keep five binders. Everything I need goes in it. Sight words, #wordwork, lesson plans for my books, #readingconference notes - all of it!!! Interested? You can grab the bundle or pieces you're interested in. Here's the link. http://bit.ly/japgguided

Look how vibrant!! Love my hp ink program. I use the HP8630 to print at home. At school I use the hp 8610. I print 300 pages a month. I can use all the color I want and pay $10 a month. They know when to send new ink. In a year I spend $120 on ink. That's about the cost of two cartridges. I don't hesitate to print anything anymore. I used to spend $50+ each month and not have as vibrant prints. You can sign up online - search HP instant ink If you print more than 300 sheets it is $1.00 for every 25 extra. These are my mirror mirror pack for #dailyfive #wordwork . They come as an I spy center with or without using a magnifying glass or you use a mirror to reflect the correct spelling. http://bit.ly/japgmirrors #teacherlife #teacherproblems

These fix it sentences are PERFECT year round #workonwriting centers. The #preprimer #primer and first grade #dolchsightwords are included in the bundle. However, you don't need to use dolch to make this a perfect center!! There are 19 packs included. Packs can take as little as one 20 minute center or up to 3 centers. That allows this bundle to last 9 weeks - up through the whole year, depending on the student. Your students will LOVE figuring out these self correcting sentences!!! They cover word order, capitalization, punctuation, sight words and writing practice. Grab it on sale by going to http://bit.ly/japgfixitbundle or clicking the link in my profile!!

Let's all say hi to @missgingrade3 who is about to finish #firstyearteacher status and will be teaching sixth grade next year. Follow and comment if you teach middle school so she can follow some new teacher friends!! #ilovenewteachers share a word of encouragement or #newteacheradvice

When your #teacherocd is so bad that you have a supply inventory list on your cabinet-you have true #teacherproblems
#organizedteacher #binsandlabels just living that #teacherlife

Welcome new friends!!! For those of you new to my instagram, here are a few things about me! I'm Alyssa- a Pittsburgh girl living in Virginia.
1. I'm a leap year baby. I was born February 29th. This may be why I don't feel 37!! πŸ™ˆ. 2. My son is the driving force behind everything I do. I hope to be the teacher I pray πŸ™πŸ» my son has. He is a special needs kiddo that has been diagnosed with autism to later be changed to severe sensory processing disorder, with encephalopathy due to ongoing silent seizures as an infant thru toddler. He's the reason I teach primary grades. I want to help kids like him feel successful. πŸ’œπŸ’™
3. I struggle each and every day as a teacher with something. I am a realistic teacher that is FAR from perfect and no non sense. Don't expect me to sugar coat anything. If someone says it's always rainbows, something's fishy. 🐠
4. I loose something everyday. KeysπŸ”‘, my phoneπŸ“ž, my lunch🍩-my mind mostly. If it weren't for my husband-Id be walking everywhere most days.
5. I HATE 🍌. Seriously hate them. I will run from you if chased by one.
6. I had ZERO sense of style (and didn't care to) 4 years ago. I only owned black and brown and owned ZERO accessories. (Can you imagine?!)
7. I had back surgery in 2012 and had an L5s1 back fusion Jan 2017
8. I LOVE the tv show friends- my husband and I reference it in just about every conversation we have.
9. I wasn't always a teacher. I worked with pulmonary hypertension patients for seven years prior to teaching. I attended college full time while working full time too. I have a masters degree in reading and guided reading is my passion.
10. Im only OCD in my classroom. (Ask my husband) nothing has a particular place at home but if you move my furniture an inch in my classroom, I know it. (Friends tv reference)
Thanks for being here and getting to know me. πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’™ what are you most shocked about learning?? #teachermom #newteacher #organizedteacher

Did you know @thecreativeclassroom creates fonts???? Check out her quotes she creates! These iPad Pro designs give me 😍😍Grab her fonts in her store #helloicecream #wishicouldhavedairy #teacherslovesummer

Getting used to Raz - kids. Started him on a B even though he can read at H. He needs the comprehension practice. I love Raz kids!!! #teachermom #boymom #specialeducation

All letters and numbers 0-10 included. Can't wait to share where these will be in the fall. Any other board letters/patterns you'd like to see? πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ˜ this is my yellow pencil set and my paper circle packs together!!! #bulletinboard #backtoschool #classroomdecor http://bit.ly/japgcatbb

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