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  SAC CITY TATTOO Taking appointments now! call the shop (916)388-2414 ask for Tito! Aka "Adam" Married to the love of my life 🌹

Fantastic fishing on thee American river! 🎣

Shirts! Up for grabs DM the shop @saccitytattoo or myself! For purchase ❤️🌹

Hello everyone, just another reminder I'll be taking tattoo appointments May 25th -July 25th. So come on down come hang out get a solid tattoo! Now allow me to rant on, I have not been consistent with tattooing for over two years! Yea... Long time... And Some say Adam you'll loose your hand, you'll be "rusty" eh he's not interested in tattooing anymore.. Okay sure people have opinions. And For some time I struggled with the thought of tattooing as I began to flourish in other areas and my other interests. And I sat looking at an ocean thinking in a place geographically 95% of Americans have no clue about. And I remembered the time when I would hold the speaker wire for my older brother to run a Walkman motor G string 12 volt battery deal to tattoo the name of the set on all the homies. Meanwhile "tacks of my tears by smoky Robinson" was playing in the back ground... year 1996. I remembered when I got my first tattoo of my moms name over some tequila just after I got a buzz cut on Christmas Eve 2004. I remember when I was hungry... When I would dig up car change just to get enough gas to get the shop and mop and scrub clumps of shits off the toilet.. Then get yelled at for miss spelling a name or for tattooing a meat ball rose.. I remembered all the long nights of painting at 3am with one light on in the shop looking at my 8th of a beer left.. Running on anemic levels of air... Only having an old dirty tiered smile that never left my face. I remembered when I was lying in a hospital bed thinking... damn I gotta get to the shop! getting discharged out and hitching ride over because I was to drugged up with morphine to drive. I remembered... Those times.. It's more than tattooing... 🙏🏼

@saccitytattoo has tank tops for ladies as well. Contact myself or the shop for purchase. Thanks! 🙏🏼

More flash! 🚜💨 painted today. #flash #saccitytattoo #americanwarewolfinlondon #blahblahblah

Cool guy photo! Haha! Anyways people's I'll be taking appointments at @saccitytattoo MAY 25th -JULY 25th come see myself or perhaps the fellas! 🏌⛳️

Come and get a eagle sticker from me at @saccitytattoo I'll be booking in appointments MAY 25th - July25th for smiling faces ready to get tattooed. 🐎💨

I'll be taking "appointments" when I get back to California MAY 23rd - JULY 25th. 🌹 catch me before I go Indonesia! 😂 #americanwarewolfinlondon #saccitytattoo #flash #painting #justanothertattooer🤓

Forces combined! 🇺🇸🇬🇧

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