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Back under the knife...

Throwback to the IFK Kickstart 4 Motorcycle Show - I'm looking forward to doing a full feature on the GS550 after everything is fixed, but I'm still waiting on parts...

New blog posts up on themnightterrors.com, featuring a very unique Shovelhead from Two Wheel Sundays - this thing was MENTAL.

Spent Sunday emptying my Dads trailer; finally found his Sportster underneath all the clutter and decided to bring it home!

When you try to take a photo of the motorcycle but a wet nose gets in the way...

Kickstart 4 - DONE. Just want to thank Kenny, Jenn, Pete and everyone else at IFK X TANK for putting on such an awesome event! I met a lot of great people who built some incredible machines and I couldn't be more excited to get this brake issue fixed and start riding! I also want to thank the Christine Klassen Art Gallery for hosting and opening their doors to us and giving us an environment that allows us to express ourselves alongside some of the most talented work in the city. Looking forward to next year! 🍻

Come on down to IFK X TANK Kickstart 4 Motorcycle Show at the Christine Klassen Art Gallery from 11-5pm!

Today is the day! It's been a wild ride (no pun intended) these last couple weeks but the GS550E is done - minus a front brake issue. Garage built through and through, I owe a huge amount of thanks to my Dad and brother for helping me these last couple days as I frantically tried to get everything done in time for IFK X TANK's Kickstart 4. I couldn't, and wouldn't have finished it without them. And last but certainly not least, I owe a great deal to my very understanding girlfriend @sonialallier who put up with my bad moods and frustration like the saint that she is; she kept me grounded and I can't thank her enough for everything - now to enjoy the weekend and the fruits of my labour 🍻

There's no rest for the wicked.

...more midnight oil to burn in the days to come.

Back from paint, wrapped in fresh Avon AM7 rubber - ready to be installed!

Put in a solid effort over the weekend and needless to say the GS550 isn't just a frame anymore! More to come in the following days...

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