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Alexandra  Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful. πŸ’› || Saved by grace. 🌺 || Living on the beautiful coast of Florida. 🌴

That feel when you hang out with your friend after six months of not seeing her. Let's not make it another six. πŸ™ˆπŸ’›

Grateful for good talks and warm mugs of coffee. || @colellaquinlan
"Come to the fountain and you can be satisfied. There is a peace, there is a love. You can get lost inside. Come to the fountain and let me hear you testify." @needtobreathe

I got a new tattoo today. It says, "love does." It's a reminder that we aren't suppose to just talk about loving others, but actually get out there and do it. There is such failure when it comes to immersion in to other people's mess. And that's just it. Messy scares people. But messy is also where true agape love happens. All that empathy & compassion & grace & forgiveness & mercy we get from Jesus. It can be between us, too. It's from doing love, not just talking about it.
The tattoo was inspired by @bobgoff's book of the same title and "The Broken Way" by @annvoskamp. Both impactful books in this season of my life.
Thanks for going with me @oldflbeach. πŸ’›

Early morning truths & doodles. 🌺 || #TheBrokenWay

Tonight was good. There was a lot of laughter, free ice cream, and some serious truth at @destinyworshipcenter. "Obligation is the enemy of obedience." May I never let worldly obligations take place over my faith. πŸ’›

"When I don't know the answer to where I am or what God wants me to be doing, which is often, I try to get a bearing on a couple of fixed points I can trust. One is Jesus. The other is a group of people I feel God has dropped into my life. Where all the lines cross is where God probably wants me to be. Navigating a relationship with a living God can be just that easy. It's Jesus plus nothing." Bob Goff || Thankful for these women God gave me to help navigate life with.

Zebras: Passionate. Dynamic. Determined. Untamable. Impatient. || #Canon5D #Safari #SouthAfrica

Caught this huge bull elephant bathing in the golden light. Hopped out of the jeep for this shot of his reflection. Let's just say he was a little unhappy at the infringement. || #Canon5D #Safari #SouthAfrica

There's nothing like watching a lioness stalk her prey. In this situation she was seeking some impala (hard to catch during the day due to good hearing and speed) for the pride's cubs. The first photo is when she spots them. The second is her failed walk back. || #Canon5D #Safari #SouthAfrica

Jet lag has me like... || #Canon5D #Safari #SouthAfrica

"There is no formula for a relationship with God. No certain things you must say in your prayers. No certain number of bible studies to complete or verses to memorize. All you need to know is the direction you're pointing and that you're somewhere in the large circle of God's love and forgiveness. Find Jesus. Find Him and keep pointing toward Him. Stay in that circle. That's it."

Tintswalo on Manyeleti Game Reserve was like the adult version of camp! My time there was unforgettable and I'll forever remember the people I met there. Now we are spending time at Chitwa Chitwa on Sabi Sand Reserve. South Africa is a hundred times more than I ever dreamed of. πŸ’›πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

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