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Leith Greenslade  What does justice look like? How does it act? Like each of these courageous women who took a big risk to make things better. You should #KnowHerName.

#KnowHerName Deeyah Khan, shedding much 💡 through her documentaries Jihad, White Right, and Banaz. Listen to her conversation with @samharrisorg.

#KnowHerName - Tuti Tursilawati, executed on Monday in #saudiarabia for killing her employer in self-defense. Tuti left her child in #Indonesia in 2010 to earn more money. 12 months later she was sentenced to death and executed on Monday. Neither her parents or the Indonesian government were notified. There are more than 1 million women working as “maids” in Saudi Arabia.

#KnowHerName, Dr Christine Blasey Ford, Professor of Psychology at Palo Alto University and research psychologist at Stanford University. Dr Blasey Ford’s courageous actions and gracious truth telling under extreme pressure will benefit women and democracies everywhere.

#KnowHerName - Thelma Aldana, former President of the Supreme Court and former Attorney General of #Guatemala. During her term she fought corruption and put violence against women on the national political agenda. “I am totally convinced that a feminist in decision-making roles makes a difference”, she says. Leaders like Thelma Aldana are the key to peace and prosperity in Central America.

#KnowHerName - Laura Kövesi, Chief of National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) in #Romania until she was fired in July 2018. Undaunted, she said, “Corruption can be defeated. Do not abandon the fight”. In her 5 years as leader, more than 1000 officials were convicted of corruption.

#KnowHerName - Samar Badawi, fighting for the right of women in #SaudiArabia to vote, travel, work and marry freely. Currently jailed for speaking out. #FreeSamarBadawi. Watch her accept the 2012 #WomenofCourage award from @hillaryclinton & @michelleobama on @youtube

#KnowHerName - Bronwyn King, founder of Tobacco Free Portfolios & key driver of the movement to expand tobacco free investment mandates among large institutional investors. Her second @ted talk is essential viewing for all who are working to advance the health of our species and the planet @drbronking

#KnowHerName - Souad Abderrahim, the newly elected Mayor of #Tunis, and the 1st female mayor in #Tunisia and in an Arab capital. “I dedicate this victory to all Tunisian women”, she said. #ennahda @mikebloomberg @annehidalgo @clovermoore @yuriko.koike

#KnowHerName - Thuli Madonsela, Public Protector in #SouthAfrica from 2009-16 responsible for releasing “State of Capture” report chronicling the hijacking of the South African government by private interests. “Through life I have learned that the most important critic whose judgement of my actions matters is my conscience”. Access the report @news24video and tweet support @thulimadonsela3.

#KnowHerName - Katie Bethell, Founder & Director of PL+US mobilizing a “cubicle army” to win high-quality #paidleave for American families. She connects workers with shareholders and stage directs the 💥. We will all benefit from her victories. Read @fortunemag story by @valzarya.

#KnowHerName - Ece Temelkuran, writer & journalist from #Turkey with a prescient message. “#Women act as coal mine canaries in these regimes...they feel what’s coming”. Watch her extraordinary @womenintheworld talk with @hillaryclinton @ece.temelkuran #witw2018

#KnowHerName - Robin Steinberg, CEO of @bailproject, on a mission to #decarcerate the 450K Americans in #jail because they can’t post #bail. Watch her @ted talk & congrats on #audaciousproject @skollworldforum #ted2018. Photo from @jeenahmoon @nytimes #skollwf

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