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Chris Roe  Cosplayer #CNB_family #CNB_badboy Assistant Fitness Manager *Calisthenics* Owner of Heroes And Dice Next Con: SacAnime Summer

Birthday shenanigans at @punchbowlsocial

Day on the water for my homegirl @jneves82 bday🎉

My boy @roman_apache_ hitting his first double yee! Now he hitting three! Was cool to be able to see this guy at Crunch fitness over a year ago get into calisthenics. Now to see him and work with him here at 24 is awesome! He has come along way! Can't wait to him continue to grow!

Seriously this woman is so inspirational and proof that consistency is key! She started with me a little over 5 months ago. And has Transformed over that time. So proud of her. And so lucky to be a part of her fitness journey❤ #shesabeast #newpr #135 #benchpress

Oh she very funny with my B-day gift tank top. Then she says my body is reflecting my trainer. I'm getting so bulky everywhere but my legs😒 lol. We hit legs hard thou last night. 2 plate minimum all night for me and Dorothy hit a new PR on squats. Love watching our wheels grow😁 #legday #workoutpartners #family #loveher

When your boy Matt even jumps in for your birthday!!!! That's love right there lol😁 #zumba #bdayzumba #myfam #toofun

Told my girls on my body I wanna hit a Zumba class together with them😁 #onlyliveonce #getoutanddance #move #zumba

Birthday flex shot with my girl @dorothyweiler so proud of her not only did she break into the triple digits on free weight bench press at 100lbs. But pushed herself past!!!! Hitting 120lbs for 7!!!! So proud of you girl! And thank you for the Bday shot💪 #weflex #chestday #gymlife #benchpress

Ok she may give me a hard time for sharing but I have to. I've got so many amazing messages today from everyone. And appreciate it so much❤ But this one I didn't expect and totally made my day. She is one if the most inspirational and driven young women I've had the pleasure of meeting. Full of talent. I love being able to watch her grow and continue to succeed in life. Keep it up💪 #paulina #trainerlife #rewarding #whyilovewhatido

Zoe and Uncle Chris In the hurricane machine at the zoo. Thank you guys for the surprise B-day Zoo trip. I'm such a big kid😁

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